Revenge Piracy: It’s a Dish Best Served Cold

If you’re a Ministry fan you may have already read this, but the following discography from the Pirate Bay is suddenly making the rounds on reddit.

Revenge piracy… it’s a dish best served cold.   

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18 Responses

  1. Maxwellian

    this is a metaphor for what happened to the entire industry

  2. @MusicN3rd

    Wow… harms a lot of unrelated people, but creative.

  3. But...

    Isn’t this one of those moves that’s ultimately going to bite him in the ass harder than he could ever imagine by not just hurting Ministry, but also pretty much the entire industry through a trickle down effect? Furthermore, won’t this give consumers an even greater sense of entitlement, feeling that it’s completely fair to share or download an artist’s entire discography just because the artist looked at them funny/didn’t let them go backstage/didn’t suck their dick/etc. ???? (Admittedly, the story is pretty nuts. But you know how people will take an idea and radically distort it to suit their purposes…)

  4. @Zassimo

    Putting up a whole discog onto Pirate Bay for revenge. Interesting

  5. jbedbus

    Heh, I don’t find the story to be nuts at all… Al Jourgensen is not an unknown entity; his history and reputation precede him wherever he goes. You get what you get with Al, and you’d better know what you’re asking for before you place the order.

  6. @gemini_scorpio

    Modern-day revenge story: promoter vs. Al Jorgensen…

  7. @builtbymeanred

    When promoters meet artists who met LSD…

  8. @madktc

    Don’t piss off a promoter. They’ll just torrent your ass

  9. @zonapunk

    quem souber ler em inglês e curte MINISTRY, dá uma lida nessa loucura aqui

    • Visitor

      Sadly, I already bought them all. but yeah, I tried to get some stuff signed on their last tour but no their roadies (?) told me “you shoulda bought the VIP tickets!” this crap has to stop. I’m sorry you want money Al. It would have been much cooler to see them in ’89

  10. balbers

    Ya I suppose you could call it revenge. But the promoter guy must know that everything they’ve ever recorded was already available for free download from one source or another. But if it made him personally fell better about the whole ordeal, then good for him.

    It would have been a lot more effective if he’d gotten video of either the airport fracas or the nightclub disaster and posted that to (further) expose Al as a world class jackass.