But Wait! Grooveshark Has a Huge New Backer: Mercedes-Benz

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There’s a reason why it’s so difficult to get your music off of Grooveshark: it’s worth millions in advertising revenue!

Case in point: Mercedes-Benz, which is now a top-level, marquee advertising client for Grooveshark. This is a premium campaign that involves ad wrap-arounds, an ubiquitous branding presence, exclusive music releases, and most likely, a truckload of money.

If you’re a Grooveshark user, you’ve already experienced the super-saturated, top-level advertising blitz. And, you’re undoubtedly aware that Mercedes-Benz has a shiny, brand-new 2012 C-Class Coupe on the market, thanks to a campaign that officially started two weeks ago. It’s a nice car, and Grooveshark offers the perfect demographic: young, hip, aspirational, and sometimes, quite wealthy.

Now, Mercedes-Benz is taking its advertising relationship with Grooveshark to another level, thanks to a remixing partnership that involves Indaba Music. “To advertise the new Coupe, Mercedes partnered with Grooveshark and Indaba Music to approach some of our community’’s greatest to create an album of custom remixes,” an Indaba executive blogged on Friday.  “Acting as a global production house, Indaba Music reached out to a handful of members to work on material ranging from Metric to never before remixed, Johnny Cash.”

Specifically, the licensed Cash tracks were “Cry! Cry! Cry!” and “Walk the Line,” and Grooveshark users voted for their favorite mixes. The just-released collection can be found on Indaba, and Grooveshark will also be releasing the tracks as part of an exclusive, joint album release with Mercedes.

That’s the type of hand-in-glove branding that attracts engagement, and ultimately, purchases.  And, this is no secret to Madison Avenue: advertising firm Razorfish was on the backend of this deal, and plugging Benz into one of the largest targeted music audiences online.  “Over the past few months we’ve worked closely with the talented team at Razorfish to craft what we hope to be a successful promotion,” shared Grooveshark Creative Director & SVP of Product Design John Ashenden.

Grooveshark now reports an active userbase of 35 million, and an active catalog of 15 million songs.