Here’s a Breakdown of Every Dollar That Warner Music Group Makes

We can’t speak for murky accounting, but this is the line-by-line breakdown presented by Warner Music Group on Thursday, specifically for the calendar fourth quarter of 2011.

These are worldwide figures, with total quartely revenues remaining largely level at $779 million.

Within that top-line figure, physical formats dropped 23 percent, digital formats gained 27 percent, and publishing improved by 3 percent.  Perhaps most importantly, net losses widened 44 percent to -$26 million.

And, for a deeper dive, here’s the full earings report from WMG.

6 Responses

    • balbers

      Totally agree. I imagine it’s something like iTunes 27% and Spotify 1%.

      • paul

        In the call CEO Stephen Cooper noted that downloads are still a lion’s share, though streaming is gaining. I’m not sure of the exact ratio or if it was mentioned, I can check into this (or someone chime in).

        Also, the Wall Street Journal/AllThingsD and paidContent seemed to have incorrectly broken out downloading vs. streaming in earlier articles; I think they thought publishing-specific digital revenues were somehow on-demand streaming.


  1. Edelman

    wonder what they are profiting on Tix and Merch from those awesome 360 deals