The VinylRecorder T560: It Lets You Make Your Own Vinyl, at Home

Why wait for some limited-edition vinyl release, when you can make your own limited runs at home!

Enter the VinylRecorder T560, which has the power to instantly elevate anyone to über-hipster status.  The T560 was conveniently on display at SXSW this year, and it’s one hell of a concoction.  Assembled and operated correctly, the VinylRecorder lets you groove your own blank platters, and even create colored or illustrated vinyl ‘editions’.

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Actually, this thing has been on the market for years, and it’s not the only do-it-yourself machine. But maybe now’s the ‘moment’ for this previously-outlandish market niche.  The VinylRecorder comes from Stuttgart-based team Fritz and Ulrich Sourisseau, and perks include multi-RPM recording capabilities (ie, 33, 45, and 78), multi-sized recording flexibility (5″, 7″, 10″ and 12″), and the ability to listen to a track while it is being recorded.

A word of caution: this is definitely not an out-of-the-box solution.  In fact, you’ll be picking-and-choosing among lots of different components, and you’ll also need your own turntable (ie, a Technics 1200 or similar) to fit the maker.  You’ll also need to navigate a roughly-translated website at, which is actually part of the fun.

That said, price tags are not for budget-conscious music fans.  The ‘starter kit’ is 3,200 euros ($4,230), and there are lots of multi-hundred euro add-ons to consider.  Buying or waiting-to-buy a rare vinyl release seems comparatively easier, but that’s not the point – especially if you have lots of time, lots of money, and endless passion to devote to something like this.

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  1. gaetano


    Didn’t Vestax do this about a decade ago??

    ….for $10k

  2. Erik P

    Someone I spoke with whom talked to these guys says that you’re also required to go in for a training session, but accomodations are included in the price. Just what I heard…can’t say if it’s true or not.

    • surprise!

      God forbid someone trains you how to do such a delicate work. Quick, set up a petition on Redit and demand that the training is done on Facebook instead.

    • Erik P

      I just love smart-ass comments from someone too afraid to use their real name. Surprise! The company is located in Germany!

  3. @AlexSleepless

    En fait le graveur de vinyl existe déjà depuis quelques temps… #pirate!

  4. @bibistory

    D’un côté Technics stoppe les MK2, de l’autre.

  5. @joneesuz

    !!! Have u gotten too much sun, big guy? Good LORD.

  6. dj_meowmix

    Freaking WOW!

    then again it may be easier to find a shady printing press who’ll do a cover too.

  7. @DMFreeman

    one step closer to having custom vinyl mix tapes! (er, records)

  8. @CRASHarts

    I want, no I NEED, this make your own vinyl thing. Amazing.

  9. Dunedinmusic

    Highest Volume!

    Deepest Grooves!

    Best Price!

    Sounds like a James Brown record

  10. analogcorner

    This is really only useful for making “dubplates” or disposable records you want to make to use for scratching or playing only a few times. Since you’re cutting to a soft material and not plating a lacquer and pressing standard formulation vinyl you don’t get too many plays…and to the guy who said “vinyl sucks” you’re a baboon. Vinyl sounds better than any digital format

    • Mike

      Actually, the VR blanks are made of polycarbonate plastic and are cut with a diamond stylus. They will last as long as a pressed record.

  11. @PBKillerRabbit

    DIY + Vinyl = ultimate hipster music experience?

  12. @MichOuze

    En fait le graveur de vinyl existe déjà depuis quelques temps…