Is This Overkill? Musicmetric Offers Hour-by-Hour Artist Tracking

Are we getting too granular, too analytical, too obsessive-compulsive with our data?

The question is always worth asking, simply because technology always allows us to look closer.  Like this: just this week, data analytics firm Musicmetric unveiled hourly tracking, which gives artists the ability to monitor compaign responses on a time-granular basis – and make fine-tuned adjustments accordingly.

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In the above, the spike comes right after Gotye’s appearance on Saturday Night Live, which understandably created an immediate impact.  And, created a bigger impact on Twitter than Facebook.  Which means…?

The question is whether this represents actionable intelligence, or just distracting data noise.  “This demonstrates that the conversational nature of Twitter makes it great for fast responses to TV and indicates that engaging on Twitter with fans in the hours after a TV appearance could be a key way to maintain levels of engagement after the initial appearance,” Musicmetric analyzed.

Perhaps the steep rise-and-fall tells a deeper, more important story.  In an environment of total musical saturation and fleeting attention spans, plenty of artists are experiencing quick rushes of attention that ultimately can’t be sustained.  Which raises the question of whether Gotye’s broader success is more about the type of marketing support that landed SNL in the first place.

And most importantly, the involved songwriting process and creative dedication that created “Somebody That I Used to Know”.  Here’s Gotye talking about that process in a recent interview with Fuse.

…on his secluded workspace…

“If an idea struck in the middle of the night… I’d drive 15 minutes to the barn, and let myself in and record stuff…”

…on the difficulties of finding Kimbra, the vocalist that really made ‘Somebody That I Used to Know…’

“I’d tried some vocalists and it wasn’t feeling right.  I’d gotten to the point of feeling dejected, and sort of prepared to let the song go, I was almost convinced that it wasn’t meant to be because I couldn’t find the right person for the song…”

On an exhaustively long video shoot, driven by an innovative idea…

“Washing the paint off was surprisingly easy, because it’s water-based paint.  I did drive home completely painted, in a bathrobe, and went through the McDonald’s drive-through to get a coffee because after 26 hours [of filming] I needed something to get through the two hour drive home.  The girls at the counter didn’t even bat an eyelid when I went through; I had a good feeling that this was worth it because it was a good idea…”

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    What a cute little mcdonalds reference…. i wonder how much he’s getting for that