Kickstarter Abuse? Animal Collective Now Apologizing to Backers…

Amanda Palmer got broiled over her Kickstarter expenditures (or lack thereof), but no one is questioning her delivery of the promised product.  So what happens when a band fails to deliver, and abuses that trust?  That’s the situation surrounding Animal Collective, whose meandering member Josh Dibb (aka ‘Deakin’) raised nearly $26,000 on Kickstarter but failed to deliver any of the promised products.

The campaign was successfully funded in 2009.


Some fans are now accusing Dibb of bankrolling the campaign while enjoying a free trip to Mali.  Even worse, Dibb’s profile and connection to Animal Collective almost guaranteed heavy exposure and prioritization on the Kickstarter platform, especially in the more formative 2009.


Sounds like Kickstarter abuse, though Dibb says he ended up giving the entire amount to anti-slavery charity TEMEDT after feeling uncomfortable taking the money for a Mali trip.  As for the music, Dibb says he was suffering from ‘fatal perfectionism’ and unhappy with the songs he was writing.  This was part of a letter sent to backers, and published by Pitchfork.


“The crux of what has held this up is to record the songs that I was working on around that time in a way that I really felt good about. I am sure it seems inexplicable to some of you that that has taken nearly three years. On a personal level I have been coming to terms with my own creative process and some of that has been to accept that things take a long time to work through me.”



After three years, it now seems highly unlikely that backers will ever receive the promised product.

8 Responses

  1. annoyed

    This situation involves one member of the band and his solo project. NOT ANIMAL COLLECTIVE AS A GROUP.

    • AVE

      Ya, except it says “Deacon of Animal Collective” at the top. They’re involved whether they like it or not.

  2. Jeff Robinson

    It’s always hell when the band/artist decides to produce and record an album on their own…half-baked shit ensues. Laughable half-baked shit.

  3. just1idiot

    Yes, uh, hi! So…why the hell did Animal Collective need a kickstarter in the first place?

    • Amanda

      It’s a great way to soak your fans then laugh all the way to the bank.

    • Adam

      It wasn’t for Animal Collective, did you read the story? Or did you just assume that bands give their bandmates the funding to go start competing side projects… Uh, no. That doesn’t happen.