The State of Music Subscription, January, 2013…

So this is how the year ends. Here are the paid subscriber totals we know; complete methodology and source information below.

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(1) Sirius XM Radio. Third Quarter 2012 Financial Disclosures.

(2) Spotify.  Announcements Issued Dec., 2012.

(3) Deezer.  Various announcements, public disclosures, latest Dec., 2012.

(4) Rhapsody.  Latest disclosures date back to November of 2011 following the acqusition of Napster, not yet updated by the company.

(5) Pandora. Based on recent quarter (ending 10/31/2012) reported subscription revenue of $13.747 million (against straightlined, $36/yr. fees)

(6) Muve Music.  Latest subscription data, as of September (company has not yet updated this figure).

(7) Rdio & MOG.  Estimates based on sources close to the companies, neither company has ever disclosed any subscriber information pubicly. 50,000 may be generous to both; these are laggards in the space.

(8) eMusic.  This is an estimate based on sources.

(9) WiMP.  Latest announcements, issued 12/21/2012.


Compiled while listening to Mogwai and Boards of Canada, among others.

5 Responses

  1. Casey

    Slacker should have several hundred thousand subs too.

  2. more

    Are these paid subscribers, free users or just registered accounts?

  3. Farid

    Your figures about Deezer have to be re-treated.

    Most of those subscriptions are Orange-Sponsored in France with no or very little money paid from the final consumer.

    In fact those subscriptions are not renewed by the consumers and failed from 1,4 Million to 900 000 in France within a few months last year. As any record company will tell you from the Deezer French reports.

    All in all the ratio between Spotify and Deezer based on “real” subsciptions is far much in favour of Spotify than shown in your article.

  4. Confused

    Why put SiriusXM and Pandora in the category with the other services?

    Spotify/Rhapsody/Rdio play any song you want, on demand.

    Sirius and Pandora are radio stations.

    Seriously, I’m confused.