The Things You Just Can’t Get In France…

…and the things you can.

Can’t: Pandora

Can: Songza


Can: The iTunes Store

Can’t: The Stone Roses on YouTube/VEVO

Can: The Stone Roses on Spotify

Can’t: Netflix

Can: The Pirate Bay

Can’t: Slacker

Can: Entire Torrent Discographies for All My Favorite Artists (thanks, Google)

Written while listening to the Stone Roses, somewhere in Cannes. 

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  1. Visitor

    “Can: Entire Torrent Discographies for All My Favorite Artists (thanks, Google)”

    Google has to be shut down.

    The dudes behind it are welcome to start a new, legitimate enterprise at a later point, but their current dmca abuse can’t go on.

      • Visitor

        That’s what they said about MegaUpload…

        And this can’t go on.

        • Casey

          Google is an American company that meets the legal requirements of DMCA. They are protected.

          Even if they were not, they are too big to fall. If Google went down, the interent and therefore the economy would go with it. Too many companies and consumers depend on Google and that is only increasing. The US Gov. will never touch Google.

          • Visitor

            “they are too big to fall”

            If I had a dollar for every time I heard that…

          • Visitor

            Actually, it could be the title of the BBC documentary.

            Too Big To Fall

      • Visitor


        Google’s just a company. Companies come and go.

        Sure, they once had a mindblowing ability to read the writing on the wall, but that’s a very long time ago.

        Today, they’re dinosaurs.

        Old, white, male, wealthy, middle-aged dinosaurs.

        And they haven’t read anything on any walls outside Wall St. since the beginning of the global economical crisis.

        So they don’t know that people don’t like pirates anymore.

        They don’t know that less than 20% of the population accept illegal uploads. They don’t know that a clear majority even want to punish downloaders.

        And if they knew, they wouldn’t understand.

        Because they’re not personally affected by the crisis. Loss of jobs don’t mean anything to them.

        But it does to ordinary people.

        And ordinary people in EU and USA lose hundreds of thousands jobs and billions dollars every year to piracy.

        So how many of these billion dollars do we lose to piracy directly because of Google?

        And exactly how many jobs do we lose to piracy directly because of Google every year?



        We don’t know. Yet.

        What we do know is that nobody profits more from piracy.

        And we know that they deliberately, knowingly and willingly abuse the DMCA!

        • Casey

          Google is not a dinosaur. Dinosaur’s don’t deploy symmetrical 1Gbps internet for $70 per month. They don’t develop mobile operating systems that spread like wildfire. They don’t have revolutionary cloud platforms. They don’t have a variety of on going projects for technology that is years ahead of it’s time.

          Google is one of the most active companies in the world.

          • Visitor

            The question is:

            Can the world afford to lose billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands jobs every year — directly because of Google?

          • Visitor

            Google uses the Internet in a way potentially anyone can. The problem is the Internet itself. The Internet could have been shut down if we lobbyed enough in the 90s, but it might be too late for that. 🙁

          • Casey

            The internet would have re-emerged. Communication networks were the future. The rest of the world would have used them and the US could not be left behind.

          • Visitor

            Easy with the paranoia now, nobody wants to shut down the Internet, lol

            We just have to shut down Piracy Search Engines like Pirate Bay and Google that are specially designed to violate or abuse the DMCA and profit from that violation or abuse.

          • Visitor

            “The problem is the Internet itself”

            Of course not, 🙂 everybody loves the Internet.

            The problem is Google and its war against art.

          • Casey

            Well, yes. Google may destroy some jobs (highly doubtful it is near that many) but their products and services drive millions of jobs. They have become a big part of the IT world and are the driving force behind millions of websites and developers.

          • Visitor

            Google can easily be replaced by a legitimate company. You have to ask yourself:

            What does the world need the most?

            Music, movies, literature and software or… Google?

            You can’t have both.

            Add to that, the cash and jobs we lose directly because of Google every year.

            Sure, the Piracy Industry will die without Google, and perhaps you’ll miss it.

            But I won’t — and neither will the people throughout the world who love music, movies, literature and software.

          • Visitor

            Piracy predates Google. Also what’s the difference between Google and Bing, besides Bing having a slightly different search results?

          • Visitor

            The modern commercial Piracy Industry that costs billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands jobs every year was born with Google.

            It is sustained by Google, protected by Google and it will die with Google.

            Pirate Bay, Google and any similar search engine or website that are specially designed to ignore or abuse the DMCA have to be shut down.

    • Dave

      While you’re at it, lets just shut down the internet. It was no good anyway… right?

      Take a look at the enormous amount that google does for the web besides its search feature.

      • Visitor

        Google’s just a company — it can easily be replaced by a legitimate alternative if it is shut down because of its DMCA abuse.

        This is what you should ask yourself:

        Are you sure you want Google to win its war against art?

  2. Frenchy

    So… We could have all of this (and you too), you know VPNs and proxys?

    (and we have unlimited data transfert with no sup charges with our internet subscribtion…)

    • paul

      How dare you! I stayed up all night making this present just for you. So hurtful.


  3. Pink31

    hmmm, itunes store and spotify’s stone roses are available in France, Pandora’s not since many years, don’t know for the otheres

  4. Bill Zimmerman

    The Pirate Bay is still going? Thanks for the tip! I need to download some music.

  5. Visitor

    Can somebody post a link or something. I think my Internet’s been filtered