The Latest! Staples Ditches Ticketmaster, Deezer TV, focus@will, Tunecore, Sirius, MiniDisc, French Subs…

This was to be expected, but the venerable Staples Center has now officially ditched Ticketmaster in favor of AXS Ticketing, the 2011-launched platform from AEG (which also owns and operates the Staples Center, get it?)  The shift also includes megaplex annexes like the Nokia Theatre LA Live and Club Nokia.  The splashiest (and most high-pressure) part of this transition involves Beyonce, who’s kicking off her ‘Mrs. Carter’ world tour at the Staples Center, with AXS powering event access.

Which brings us to another land-grabber, Deezer.  On the heels of an incredibly aggressive global expansion, Deezer is now pushing into another territory: Smart TVs.  According to details shared with Digital Music News this morning, that includes deals with Samsung, LG, and Toshiba.  “We believe that putting Deezer at the heart of the TV experience marks the next innovation for music,” CEO Axel Dauchez declared.

If you love music, you understand its power to manipulate emotions and moods.  But can music successfully combat intensely distracting platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and email?  Yes, according to focus@will, which is now pushing its concentration-focused music app into public beta, with designs to help users win their brains back.  The rollout happens this week.

Jeff who? A post-Price Tunecore is now trotting some big numbers, however selectively-revealed.  Try this on for size: $101.8 million in artist earnings in 2012, a year-over-year gain of 47 percent.  Sounds superb, except for this: the per-artist earnings levels appear to be slumping even further, according to our rough estimates (Tunecore has so far declined to share its active artist totals.)  Outside of that, Tunecore assured us that they were pouncing CD Baby.

Sirius XM Radio now commands an impressive 23.9 million subscribers, and an improving financial picture to boot.  The days of near-insolvency are just a memory: according to details shared the company this morning, year-2012 earnings were $3.5 billion, thanks to a monstrous, $3 billion tax benefit (funny how that works).  That beats year-2011 earnings of $427 million.

There’s another dinosaur quietly reaching its extinction point.  Sony’s ill-fated MiniDisc, which struggled even during the physical heyday, is now getting put to bed.  The company has now indicated that the last Minidisc player will be produced next month.

And, there’s more coming out of France.  According to industry body SNEP, paid subscriptions in the region now surpass 500,000.  The industry is undoubtedly crediting HADOPI, the French three-strikes initiative that continues to ramp.


3 Responses

  1. earbits

    You can’t really say a “post-Price Tunecore”, when Jeff was at the helm for most of 2012. They’re bragging about numbers produced by the guy they canned.

    • paul

      Yes, and no. He made it about halfway through, give or take.
      Either way, TuneCore now has the “J word” internally.

  2. MANGO

    Paul really has a strong sence of dislike towards Jeff. Jeff is Tunecore, those numbers would decline this year without the hand of Jeff. If Jeff were to start another Tunecore alike company, he will leave with more than 80% of the artists currently signed with Tunecore. Tunecore is not the cheapest amongst its competition but Jeff was so transparent and that led to artists ability to trust Tunecore.