Please Don’t Let Those Foreign-Owned Corporations Destroy Local Radio…

Want to win a complicated issue in Washington?  Then simplify, vilify, terrify, and make sure to take care of your supporters.  Which is exactly what the powerful National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) is doing — not only in Washington, but places like Wyoming.

That’s the home state of Republican Senator John Barrasso, the latest to throw his weight behind the ‘Local Radio Freedom Act’.  As a thank you, the NAB is now running this ad in the Casper Star Tribune.   The Act, if passed into law, would keep the status quo, and keep traditional radio royalty-free, at least as it relates to recordings.


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9 Responses

  1. Jeff Robinson

    I would never have imagined this could be framed as a ‘nationalist’ issue. So much money tied up overseas that is collected, yet not paid to U.S. songwriters and performers. Amazing one-sided presentation, but I would expect nothing more from the very Republican NAB.

  2. Me

    I’m confused. Didn’t American-owned corporations destroy local radio?

  3. radio & records vet

    Over 90% of all broadcast radio streams their content today. Because they stream their content they are required to pay a performance royalty via SoundExchange. It is only non-streaming terrestrial radio that does not, and never has, paid a performance royalty. So, in essence, broadcast radio does pay a performance royalty.

    • Jeff Robinson

      Yep and in truly partisan fashion they describe the Performance Royalty as a tax. Absolutely deplorable.

    • Casey

      Indeed they do, but the majority of the listeners still listen to the good old analog signal. I don’t know of many radio stations that actually pay the royalties for their streams that are also making a profit from them. If royalty rates continue to increase, we could see some stations begin to shut them off.

  4. Me

    Sorry but does he realise that US artists dont receive Millions of dollars becuse we dont have a perfomance right in the USA! It is alarming that this could be so one sided. Sen Barraco why do you care about Radio and not the content that is palyed on Radio – these are real people, some of who live in Wyoming yes Wyoming!

    • Casey

      Because the promotional value of radio is more than worth it to the artists, without the need for royalties. Radio has and continues to drive sales every single day.
      And quite honestly, radio doesn’t have the money to pay artists. Many stations are barely profitable as is and are continously cutting staff to stay afloat. AM stations are sinking regardless.