Twitter #music: It Just Isn’t Freemium Enough to Work…

Twitter #music…

It’s got a beautiful interface…

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It tells you what’s hot.  And, what’s gonna be hot…

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It even tells you what you’re friends think are hot…

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Only one problem…

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Because if you want the full track, not to mention continuous play, you’ve got to pay.  And a vast majority of music fans don’t pay for music, and won’t stick around to be convinced.

You got the memo on freemium, right?  The data shows that a majority of the most successful apps now employ freemium upsell models, and even Spotify realizes it’s toast without a serious, mobile freemium strategy.  Which means that in the current iteration, Twitter #music could find it difficult to create stickiness around trending songs and good-looking tiles, even with its massive userbase.  In 2013, that’s not enough, and sadly, too much to ask.

10 Responses

  1. efemurl

    This issues around twitter music are there becuase the service was not built for the “Community”. The service clearly was designed to drive user base and revenues to the companies that have been best integrated and who more than likely have some revenue shareing deal with Twitter.


  2. Visitor

    “Because if you want the full track, not to mention continuous play, you’ve got to pay.”

    But of course.

    Otherwise, the artist wouldn’t be paid. And if you don’t pay the artist, s/he has to find a new job.

    Which means you’ll have to write your own songs.

  3. stupid

    So if it isn’t compltely free, it’s not worth it. We have to be stuck with You Tune rather than Spotify because people don’t understand that things cost money in lifeWhy bother writing this article? stupid

    • R.P

      to get us to respond to the retardedness of some of these opinion based articles.

  4. txa1265

    I am honestly fine with the need to have a premium Rdio or Spotify account in order to get full songs, otherwise you get previews. Why would anyone have an issue with that?

    The biggest issues I have are:

    1. I can’t connect BOTH Rdio and Spotify (I have premium with both). Why? because if I could then I would have better full track coverage.

    2. I follow *loads* of musicians, many of whom are jazz artists and therefore not ‘major label’ types. None of them show up.

    I would love to see #2 in particular – the ability to tag someone as an artist from my follows, and then they would show up as such for others to see and follow.

  5. Twitter Hypnosis

    Uh, why is every major media outlet drooling over this? It’s not even integrated into Twitter properly and has the obvious problem as described above.

  6. Visitor

    Someone has started a Freemium version of the iTunes Music Store.

    The buy bottons open a link to the download, no payment required.

    Don’t know if that will help.

    Strange thing

  7. Felixdroid

    Welcome to today’s model = everything needs to be free lets not pay a decent amount to an artist I Want it Free and J Want it NOW! Sad!