Anti-Piracy Czar Found Trafficking Narcotics…

Last year, it was the anti-piracy group caught pirating a song for its anti-piracy campaign.  Now, there’s something juicier: according to details emerging over the weekend, Lithuanian anti-piracy czar and noted BitTorrent smasher Vytas Simanavicius has been busted for selling drugs to an undercover agent.  The exchange involved a batch from the Netherlands, and Simanavicius has now pled guilty to purchasing narcotics with the intent to commercially redistribute.

Of course, the irony is just painfully unmistakable…

Simanavicius, officially Vice President of Lithuanian Anti-Piracy Association (LANVA), will likely be relieved of that position.  All of which severely softens his crackdown on a number of BitTorrent sites and trackers.

That includes LinkoManija, currently undergoing trial against Microsoft for massive copyright infringement.  Simanavicius was slated to appear as an expert witness against LinkoManija, though the planned testimony may now be scrapped given the obvious credibility (and availability) issues.

The bust follows a long-running, undercover sting conducted by Lithuania’s Organized Crime Investigation Board.  According to Lithuanian news source, Simanavicius now faces up to 8 years of prison time.

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  1. vis-i-tor

    what i’ve concluded from this article is that the music industry, even when you’re being paid to lobby, isn’t enough money to pay the bills.
    on a side note: i guess that’s why john legend is also hopping on the school privitization band wagon; he’s just thinking of his retirement and collecting those huge administrative overhead fees!
    kudos to this brilliant businessman for thinking about his future and let’s face it: anybody who has half a brain knows the drug war is complete and utter bullshit. do we really need to go over this time and time again?