What Else? Twitter Funding, Apple’s ‘Problem,’ Lauryn’s Hill, Rolling Stones, Omnifone, Beyonce’s Ban…

There’s more to Twitter music than just Twitter #music.  Enter Chirpify, the in-tweet commerce engine that just rustled a $2 million series A from Voyager Capital.  That brings the broader financing level to $3.3 million, according to the company. Snoop Dogg, Puma, and Lil Wayne are now signed on as ‘enterprise customers’.

So it seems that Apple has a problem: it’s smashingly-excellent past.  The company reported fairly solid second quarter financials on Tuesday — $9.5 million in profits on $43.6 billion in sales —though CEO Tim Cook admitted that growth rates are slowing.  Perhaps more importantly to Wall Street: current-quarter expectations are lower than expected, which probably means more downward movement on AAPL.

And it’s rain/pour for Lauryn Hill, who basically checked out from both celebrity and broader society sometime in the early 2000s.  Hill is now facing sentencing for tax evasion (non-payment on nearly $2 million in income), though TMZ is now reporting eviction proceedings on Hill’s rented mansion in New Jersey.  Court documents show that Hill has inked a $1 million recording contract with Sony Music to manage the tax debt.

And what’s more important than the Rolling Stones?  The NBA Playoffs, that’s what: according to official word from the band, the opening date for the upcoming ’50 & Counting’ trek will be moved one day to May 3rd (still at Staples Center), to avoid a hoops-related conflict.

Over the pond in London, Omnifone has just named David Finch as CFO, effective immediately.  Omnifone, a b2b-focused digital music service provider, is helping to power the just-launched MySXM personalized radio service.

And, can you really control the cameras anymore (or the blogs, Tumblrs, Tweets and websites that distribute them)?  After the publication of wildly-unflattering Super Bowl pics, Beyonce is now banning all photo credentials on her upcoming, Mrs Carter tour.  Beyonce will only release authorized pics taken by an authorized photographer.  And what about everyone else in the crowd?

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  1. hank alrich

    Beyonce is about to learn the meaning of the word “futility”.

    At a gig with a daughter of mine last year an acquaintance sat front row with smart phone aimed at us throughout the sets. We talked about asking him to let us review the videos before he posted, and came to the conclusion that such effort was pointless in the longterm. We would never be able to prevent folks from putting whatever they recorded of us up for viewing.

    Next morning over thirty songs had been posted to YouTube. My daughter said, “We will find out if what they say about publicity is true!” And yes, he did spell our names correctly.