Walmart Is Now Selling DVDs for 96 Cents

Last year, we found Walmart selling lots of CDs for just $5.

Then, we found the same thing at Target. But this takes the cake: it turns out that Walmart is now dropping DVDs as low as 96 cents.   That is, if they’re making the floorspace for them at all (thanks reader ‘jw’ for the upload…)

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  1. jw

    For what it’s worth, those packages say Black Friday, but I found this bin of regularly priced $.96 dvds at a Wal-Mart in Texas back in March.

      • Joda

        Double wow. How do you compete with $.96? Who wins in that scenario?!

        Great packaging though.

        • Visitor

          Netflix & Redbox win, that’s who. This pricing is unsustainable.

  2. Central S

    The cost of the floor space alone forced the repackaging and cost cut. Well that and the quality of the product. We’re CDs still available there?

    • jw

      I’m sure there was a $5 bin for CDs.
      I actually didn’t snap that photo, I had stopped to replace my phone charger so my phone was dead. Just googled $.96 cent cds for the pic. But it was the same packaging, only on a rack. And in March.
      For what it’s worth, I’ve never seen them packaged or priced like this during regular sale days anywhere but Texas.

      • TLK

        I’ve seen them packaged like this here in Minneapolis just last weekend. It’s not just a Black Friday thing.

    • Me

      It is for manufacturing plants and physical distributors.

      • Selling our Soul

        .. and EVERYONE who works in ANY aspect of making a movie… from the actor to the musician doing the soundtrack, all the way down to the hairdresser.. Sad thing is, WE, taxpayers are SUBSIDIZING WallMarts very existence. If you haven’t seen the documentary: “Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Prices”, you should watch it asap.
        It’s on YouTube, in full:

        • Bandit

          Unless it is an independent film aren’t the vast majority of people working in movie production paid up front.
          They aren’t like musicians who borrow money to finance recording or touring and hope that they at least break even.

  3. Visitor

    To be fair I’ve been spending a lot more money on DVDs once I discovered Wal-mart sells a shitton of them for $5.

  4. el kabong

    Closeouts from TGG Direct, but someone will pay a buck. Even if it completely sucks. I don’t recognize any of the other titles, other than the one being held up, which looks like a real dog ( It’s not like they are selling Zero Dark Thirty or the Hobbit at that price. TGG probably pays $0.30 on the closeout market.

    • ceebee

      This is more of a piggybacking than a response – I was thinking along the same lines. I can’t tell what all of these movies are, but they don’t look like major current releases. Also, we should consider that Walmart wouldn’t sell these for 96 cents at a loss, and that Walmart isn’t solely responsible for the existence of the product. Someone decided to release them this way with the presumed intent of them being impulse purchases at a low price.

      It’s true that consumers learn to expect things based on what is available and how it’s available, but crappy or very old movies for super cheap is not a new thing, and doesn’t directly transfer to expectations for high quality films or new releases. Ten years ago Target had double feature DVDs in the dollar aisle, mostly things like the Guilligan’s Island film and old B horror movies (think Attack of the Giant Gila Monster). I bought a lot of them and never would have seen them otherwise.

      I’d be curious to see the numbers and find out if this is actually a boost for those involved in these films, or to know if it encourages purchasing behavior that leads to larger purchases on more expensive titles (although it’s probably not a big enough trend to make for a good study). Not saying this couldn’t have negative repercussions, just wanting to see if there’s something on the other side as well.

  5. REMatwork

    even if they’re not blockbusters, when kids and teenagers bug mom at Walmart, “Can We Buy a Movie?”, mom just saved herself 15 or 20 bucks with this low-cost satisfy.

    • Visitor

      They could always leave mom alone and hit the Pirate Bay when they get home.