Meanwhile, Kid Rock Is Playing Seven Straight $20 Shows In Detroit…

Which of these seems like a closer approximation of the future to you?  On one hand, you have the Rolling Stones milking Boomers for $600 a pop, all while phoning in out-of-tune classics and struggling to fill arenas at $85.  On the other hand, we have a strategic Kid Rock selling out multiple, $20 shows in Detroit and beyond, with perks like cheaper beer and free coffee when the gig is over.

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This could be the end of milking fans, and the ridiculous excesses that come with it.  The Stones are now looking at a really long tour, one that could include empty patches in the rafters and lots of ripped-off fans.  Kid Rock, meanwhile, is now expanding to an unbelievable seven straight shows at Detroit’s DTE Energy Music Theatre, and potentially more (in Detroit or other US cities).

Let’s see how the details play out.  Walmart is selling the tickets for $20, all in, no strings attached. Ticketmaster is tacking a $5 service fee and a $3 parking fee, standard (it is Ticketmaster, after all…)

Other animals are also hard to cage, like the pesky aftermarket.  Rock is keeping a small portion of tickets for the aftermarket, because in many cases, people can and will pay more.  But not that much more…

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9 Responses

  1. Jeff Robinson

    Not mentioned is that this is also a 3-band bill. Uncle Kracker, then ZZ Top, then Kid Rock as headliner- all for $20.
    Somewhere in another article he stated his crew costs him $120K per show. Not sure if that means to set-up, or the infrastructure to run it on a nightly basis.

  2. FarePlay

    I’m guessing based on the lack of comments, most people on this blog are not Kid Rock fans. While I fit into that category, around certain issues, I respect this guy.
    All politics aside, as an advocate for Detroit and opening up his music to thousands of potential new fans, right on.
    In a similar bent, I’ve always wondered with the high price of ticket and dwindling cd sales, why bands, like Prince years ago, give away a cd as part of the ticket price.
    You can debate the demise of the cd all you want, but physical product creates a very different relationship to the material than a digital file. And at the end of the day, especially in this world, you need all the connections to fans you can get.

  3. Mike Corcoran

    God knows Kid Rock’s heart is in the right place, but it only takes a glance to see the injustice going on here. After paying his crew, the opening bands, and all other expenses to put on these shows, Kid Rock is basically working these shows for free WHILE paying Stubhub and every other scalper $30+ per ticket.

    Sure some hardcore fans will get to see the show for 20 bucks, but the majority of these tickets are being snapped up by computers and resold at market rate. Kid Rock is actually helping Stubhub by padding their bottom line so they can scalp the next show and many, many beyond. Far from ‘ending the ridiculousness of excessive prices”, Mr. Rock is actually aiding and abetting the scalping industry. Stub Hub has never had an easier payday.
    Yes, it sucks, I know. But until fans quit buying scalped tickets, unfortunately it’s something everyone will have to live with. And no, the Stones are “raping” fans for $600/pop. Fans are raping themselves.

    • Teags

      No risk, no reward. The hope is it will pay off in the long run…just not sure how long that run is. Some breath may be held that a new technology will be created that could moderate scalping (the kind done in volume on computers, not the man on the street approach).
      If not that, then a non-tech change to the way tickets are bought and with enough people doing it maybe it would stick. i.e. original owner entry only. Sure, people will be angered if they can’t make a show but will those outweight the happy people with cheaper tickets? Hard to say.
      Basically, it’s that won’t know until we try (read: Rock’s no risk no reward thing again). At least someone is trying it and I’m curious to see how it goes.
      I believe our only chance to change the “music industry” and cure it’s myriad issues is by enacting those changes ourselves, artists included, and see what happens.
      On another note, you better believe I’d shell out $20 to hear Bawitabawitabawitanotherba (how many ‘bas’?) live.

  4. Bizarro Jerry

    wait, wait, wait…
    This is the perfect excuse to do paper-less, right here. $20, only the buyer can enter. No exceptions sorry to prevent scalping.

  5. Dry Roasted

    I’m not sure there’s enough demand for this to be that great for scalpers.

  6. Ghost of Steinbrenner

    I”ve got the guys in the front office taking a page from the Kid:

    From Bloomberg News, “The New York Yankees are selling tickets at more than a 50 percent discount on the couponwebsite Groupon Inc. (GRPN) as attendance lags behind last season, even though the team is off to a better start.”

  7. Barbed Wire

    When I bought tickets for the Atlanta show, it stated that the original purchaser/credit card has to be presented with entry. Is there a way around this for scalpers??

  8. The Ocean

    You are comparing Kid Rock to the Stones?

    I’ll wait while you go take your meds.