Right Now: Google Subscription, Annenberg, Bronfman Bu-Bye, Parlophone Secured, Daft Punk, Manatt Phelp$, Sony Drama…

No, no… we said YouTube Music, not Google Music.  But Google is about to launch its Spotify-killing subscription play, according to several reports this morning (including the Wall Street Journal).  This already looks messy, Google style: for starters, this doesn’t appear to be an enhancement to the existing, Google Play-embedded, cloud-enabled music locker and store.  Separately, the Journal also confirmed that Google has secured licenses with all three major licenses, but that YouTube is conducting an entirely separate licensing process (and likely, development process).

And, speaking of Google, the company’s ad network remained off USC Annenberg‘s wall of shame for another month.  The USC report, which tracks – and lists – the networks and brands profiting most from illegal content sites, found Yahoo/Right Media among the biggest offenders in April.  Others topping the list included Propellerads, ExoClick, and newcomer Wigetmedia.

He shepherded Warner Music Group through some disastrous financial periods, and his legacy will be felt long after Warner’s looming implosion.  And how could we forget the time those WMG shares soared above $5!  And with that, Warner brass bid adieu to longtime CEO and ultimately, Chairman, Edgar Bronfman, Jr., whose penchant for wild salaries and overcompensation has set the standard for short-term strategizing in the music industry for years to come…

Which brings us to Warner’s acquisition of Parlophone Label Group, which the pesky European Commission has now approved (and, for that matter, forced).  Bronfman helped to finalize the acquisition, and secure a scary tranche of loans to pay for the prized label.

Which brings us to that other problematic major label, Sony Music Entertainment.  After getting blasted by frustrated investor and hedge fund manager Dan Loeb, Sony Corp. opted not to sell its various music and entertainment units.  In a well-worded, corporate-friendly statement, Sony reaffirmed its commitment to its electronics+media strategy, disastrous warts and all.

It was leaking on Grooveshark (and likely, other spots), but Daft Punk‘s Random Access Memories is now officially available on iTunes.  Enjoy.

And, looking for startup cash?  Then give a holler to entertainment law firm Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, which just launched an entertainment media fund with a focus on early-stage startups.  Peter Csathy is heading the fund.


Written while listening to Empire of the Sun and Bob Marley.

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  1. Champion

    Google’s subscription service integrates perfectly with Google Music and user’s libraries that have been uploaded there. Pretty sweet!