Justin Bieber Tells Booing Crowd: “I’m an Artist, And I Should be Taken Seriously”

That was Justin Bieber’s message to a booing crowd at the Billboard Music Awards last night.

“I just really want to say it should really be about the music,” Bieber stated.  “This is not a gimmick.  I’m an artist and I should be taken seriously, and all this other bull should not be spoken of.”

21 Responses

  1. Reality

    Only 2 types of people wear sunglasses indoors. You figure it out.

  2. Yep

    If he thinks he should be taken seriously, he should re-think the 1991 Vanilla Ice look.

  3. Bieber Fever

    Why is he dressed like George Michael in the 80s? Oh yeah, now I remember.

  4. Visitor

    There was booing? Did I miss the tone of sarcasm in the headline?

    • Paul Resnikoff

      Yeah, it’s booing. It starts later on.

      • Me

        Perhaps you need a link w/ better sound quality. I didn’t hear any booing either.

        • GGG

          Starting around 1:40 sounds like a mix of booing and cheering to me.

  5. GGG

    That’s definitely something a real artist who should be taken seriously should have to say.

  6. jonny

    why shouldnt he be taken seriously? Of course he has said and done some stupid things but he is growing and learning. From a monetary standpoint, he is killing everyone else….

    • GGG

      Because he’s insinuating his music is some brilliant art and not just an incredibly successful exercise in marketing and branding.
      Take him and his team seriously as how to make money in the music business? Sure. Take his music seriously as some great, or even mild, stride from a music-as-art standpoint? Not a chance.

      • jonny

        I have a feeling we are not his target audience (assuming you are not a 14 year old girl).

        • GGG

          That’s irrelevent. His success has nothing to do with the fact his music is as shallow as art can get. It’s still art, sure, but to pretend it’s anything beyond a completely contrived product of market research is just lying to yourself and everyone else. It’s pretentious enough when significantly more talented people call themselves artists, it’s just embarassing when someone like this does it with his current output of music.

  7. juan adams

    Two things that people should never self-proclaim are that they should be taken seriously or that they are artists. If Billboard feels the need to invent crap to bestow on the undeserving, might I suggest the Honorary Madonna Ciccone Award for Special Embarrassment in Phony Accents.

  8. why the hate?

    I heard some booing mixed in with the cheering. I don’t really understand it either.

    Bieber has some “luckiest kid alive” aspects, just watch the Beauty and the Beat video. But, he’s good at what he does? I didn’t hear anything that was particularly controversial or unacceptable in his acceptance speech.

    I never had the opportunity of being a teen star that had every movement and decision pulled apart by judge-y hordes. I imagine it is confusing and overwhelming. I know I did a bunch of dumb stuff when I was a teenager, luckily none of it was televised.

  9. Glenn

    The boos really started after he told us off. The saddest part, to me, is that he actually thinks he’s an artist. He should be taken seriously as a pop phenomenon, but most pop music is not art and not created by artists – that’s not the purpose of pop music. Actually, IMO, in pop music the producers are the artists – the singers are just the tool.

    • the odb

      nicely said. this kid is pretty funny. talking all hard and mush-mouth up there (thinkin he’s in the rap game or somethin). sunglasses, bad pants and clothes. Yeah pop is typically not art and same for good ‘ol JB

  10. Jeff Robinson

    bwaaaaaaaaaahaahahahaaahahahahahahahaaaaaa hooooooo-hhooooooooo-hahhhhahahaaaaaaaaaaa, puke…

  11. hippydog

    To be honest I’m a little confused on what happened..
    I thought I heard booing, but then I watched the majority of the crowd stand up and give him an ovation..
    so WTF?

    • hippydog

      I just did a quick google search..
      Looks like the media is a bit perplexed over the exact reasons also.. LOL