The Best (and Worst) Times to Post on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest…

Timing is everything, but should you time your posts on places like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and LinkedIN?  Absolutely yes, according to Social Caffeine, which aggregated this list of best practices.

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7 Responses

  1. Seth Keller

    From what I can tell, these best and worst times and days of the week study results change every few months. I think it really all depends on demographics of your fan base–including age, sex and geography.

    I agree in general that Friday evening is probably a bad idea as is overnight posting. Otherwise, in my experience, it’s trial and error and constantly in flux–particularly if you have fans across time zones and in different countries.

  2. dystopian

    There’s NEVER a good time to promote crappy music. Work on that instead.

  3. GirlonFire

    What Seth said.

    While this is interesting information, the conclusions are cookie cutter BS. Do your homework, analyze your own results – the poeple who are interested in what you are doing may not be where the crowd is and even if they are, you are fighting for attention if you post when everyone else is trying to get noticed.

  4. Dry Roasted

    What about time zones, do those exist on these social internets?

    • jw

      Unless you could somehow stagger your social media posts (which you can’t) or unless you want to post multiple times & spam some users, time zones don’t really play into it.

      I would just assume these numbers are EST, & if you’re trying to target east coast fans, post earlier in the range of recommended posting times & if you’re trying to target west coast fans, post later.

      Otherwise it’s just a matter of peak traffic.

      However, I agree that it’s much more nuanced than this chart makes it seem. You’re better off finding someone who’s targeting your fans & doing it successfully, & then copying their patterns.

  5. Social Ninja

    Wow these times are the opposite of all the other research I have seen on the best times to post on social media. Most of the research I have seen says to post between 7pm & 10pm for the most interaction on Facebook.

  6. come on, really?

    now that everyone is going to be posting at these optimal times, you might as well post off-peak.

    which means, just like everything in social media, this is flawed.