Breaking: Multiple Urban Commuters Found Listening to White Earbuds

Everyone’s transitioning to $350 Beats by Dre headphones, right?

Not necessarily, especially for those that need something really light,really cheap, and highly functional.  We take you to a rainy night on the 38 bus in San Francisco, on the way to SF Musictech Summit in Japantown.  Sample size: 5.

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14 Responses

  1. Champion

    We all have eyes. Can you maybe take it easy with the red arrow clipart? They are in every story lately. 🙂

  2. Toy Needle

    Right. Obviously, these guys have decided to spend the $350 they saved by not buying Beats on stellar wardrobes and ZipCars.

  3. Visitor

    DMN: premier news and information authority for music industry and technology executives worldwide.

    thanks for staying on the front lines.

  4. Rayna James

    Those urban commuters just got Resnikoff’d, y’all!

    • Paul Resnikoff

      BOOM! Resnikoff’d. Keep up the good work Paulie boy!

  5. GGG

    I never understood how people who have heard music on any remotely decent speakers can use apple earbuds. My go to headphones are big ass Sennheishers, but I bought Kliptsch in ears for like $35 when I didn’t wanna carry the big ones around.

    • Visitor

      with all the haters showing up around here lately it’s a sure sign paul is doing something right.

      • GGG

        Are you calling me a hater? For disliking objectively horrible products?

        • Adam

          Dude I don’t know if you’ve actually used the newer apple headphones, but they are really good headphones for $30. Sure, if I wanted to blow over $100 there are lots of good options. But i keep these in a pocket, they get beat up, and they get lost left behind too often to buy expensive ones. Furthermore, unless you like overly-bass filled music, they are extremely detailed. Maybe its the MP3 files you are listening to that sound like crap, they all do… don’t blame the headphones. And FYI I own a really expensive high end home stereo and find that once you are ruining music via mp3, it doesn’t help to use some brand of headphones that accentuates the bass further, making the music even worse and more poorly balanced than it was originally…

          • GGG

            I have the earbuds that come with the iPhone 5, which are tinny as hell relative to something you can get for like $10-15 more from an actual audio company. If you’re talking about their better model, than no, I have not heard them, but they are more than $30, they’re like $75, no?

  6. scout

    Yes, ear buds work and they wear out and they are CHEAP to replace!!!!! duh!

  7. drumandkeys

    Lets not forget those apple earbuds also have a microphone built in. Its not the biggest advantage, but they do allow a seamless listening-to-talking experience on your phone (if that happens to also be your music player).