Roughly 60 Percent of All Daft Punk Album Sales Came from iTunes…

It was streaming on iTunes before it was streaming on Spotify.  And part of the reason is that iTunes was collecting paid album download pre-orders, and selling a ton of them.

According to stats now being shared with Digital Music News, iTunes accounted for roughly 60 percent of all first-week sales of Daft Punk’s latest, Random Access Memories.  Overall, first-week album sales topped 337,000 in the US alone, according to stats published by Nielsen Soundscan.

But that’s just the top level.  Subsequent information from label executives tied to the project reveal that overall album downloads topped 221,000 units.  That’s an aggregated figure that also includes Amazon MP3 and the Daft Punk site, though one executive assured us that iTunes ‘easily’ pulled more than 90 percent of those sales.

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Surprisingly, CDs accounted for nearly 100,000 of the sales, with vinyl a modest 5-6 percent, according to the top-level data shared.

Apple doesn’t disclose exact sales data, but does share the information back with labels.  According to a report issued several months ago by NPD Group, iTunes now accounts for 63 percent of all digital music downloads.

So what’s next?  Daft Punk broke streaming records on Spotify, but that only pays so much.  The broader question is whether other artists will now follow Daft Punk’s lead with pre-release, streaming exclusives on iTunes (with pre-orders prominently placed).  And, greater windowing on streaming services to maximize first-week sales.

11 Responses

  1. Me

    I’m confused, in the article you say vinyl accounted for 10% of sales, but the pie chart indicates vinyl was only 5.6%.

  2. GGG

    What percentage of sales does a highly visible release usually get from iTunes?

    • I Know iTunes

      Varies widely by genre but norm now is 30-40%

  3. I want to know

    Does anyone know how much a banner in the iTunes Store would cost to an indie artist?

    • I Know iTunes

      The banners are not paid real estate, they are strictly editorial. You need to make sure your music gets in front of the indie editor via your aggregator/distributor.

      • I want to know

        But I asked my aggregator/distributor about it and they said I can’t afford it because Apple asks for a lot of money.
        Are they lying to me?

        • I Know iTunes

          Yes, get a new aggregator. That is a complete fabrication. No placements on iTunes are paid for.

          • Yves Villeneuve

            Dear I Know iTunes,
            What are the minimum, maximum and average percentage pay rates that UMG, Sony and Warner receive? I don’t need to know individually for each Record Company. Thanks.

          • I Know iTunes

            Sorry meaning iTunes keeps 30%, labels get 70%, artist gets whatever (low) percentage is in their label agreement post-recoupment from the label’s share.