Hairy Questions Surround the Sales Decline In France…

The French music industry reported music sales figures for the first quarter of 2013, revealing an overall decline of 6.7 percent. Physical sales were down by 7.3 percent, and digital sales fell 5.2 percent as well.

French recorded group SNEP says this downward trend is simply due to a “special operation” in 2012 by a major label that was not repeated in 2013.  However, the downward trend of music sales along with P2P usage declines indicate that streaming services may be a culprit here.

But this is a complicated relationship: the latest data further questions the effectiveness of French-enacted, three-strikes legislation, especially claims that warnings and threats — not streaming — led to P2P declines.

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  1. hippydog

    A link to the original data or source would be nice..