7digital’s Solution to Help Small Internet Radio Services

7digital, a digital content platform, just announced a new streaming radio solution to help smaller services compete with bigger names like Pandora, Clear Channel, and Apple.

Using an enhanced API, companies can launch their own Internet radio service compliant with DMCA regulations in the U.S. 7digital’s catalog of 23 million tracks can be accessed, and digital performance royalties will be reported to SoundExchange.

Furthermore, a 7digital partner will be able to integrate MP3 purchases into their Internet radio services so listeners won’t have to exit the site or app to buy the track.

One Response

  1. Visitor

    Does 7digital guarantee that each of the three majors will allow a new streaming service to access their catalogs? Nope. Instead you sign a contract with 7digital obligating you to pay for potential access to 23 million tracks but you dont get access to the major labels’ catalogs unless they each separatley approve your small internet radio service – which they wont unless you can pay them in addition to 7digial – which you cant because you’re a small radio service. If you’re smart, dont get caught up in this racket.