The Latest: Apple’s WWDC Introduces iTunes Radio

“Today, we’re introducing an amazing way to discover new music. We’re calling it iTunes Radio,” said Eddy Cue about the anticipated music-streaming platform.

iTunes Radio will be built into the music app on the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and into iTunes on the Mac and AppleTV. Users can tap on a station or create their own. Songs can be skipped, replayed, added onto a wish list, bought, or never played again. The radio is free, with ads, but ad-free if the user is an iTunes Match subscriber.

iTunes Radio will arrive in the fall in the US and will be available in other countries “over time.”

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19 Responses

    • Me

      They should have called it “Apple iTunes Music Radio Complete Access Live 360.”

      • Visitor

        Ha ha, yeah if they wanted to kill and bury the thing…

      • txa1265

        That would have been Google’s naming scheme … sort of like Google Play Music All Access … oh wait, they actually DID that!

    • Visitor

      And the songs you listen to — as well as the songs in your playback history — have BUY BUTTONS!

        • Visitor

          The amazing and awesome news is to integrate the world’s biggest music store in a radio station, or vice versa.
          It’s so easy, so tempting, so… Apple. 🙂

    • Visitor

      Why didn’t Google think of that — Google Radio?
      It would not have been as cool as iTunes Radio, but way better than Google-what’s-that-name-again?

  1. hippydog

    It will be interesting to see how this works out..
    Unlike Itunes this will be IOS only.. (besides PC and Mac, but how many people listen to music primarily on a desktop)..
    I predict not being multi-platform will make it a no go.. just like the Apple TV.. Apple has their fanatics, but even those dont want to purchase something that no one else will be using..

    • Geo_T

      Of course it will work out. With ITunes Radio, Apple is delivering a free music experience for the mass market, potentially driving more business for the iTunes store (but at the very least, protecting it somewhat from competitive streaming offerings).
      As for Android, it’s interesting that Google feels it needs to be on iOS with its new subscription music service. That’s because @ $10 per month, the customer has to be able to access it on their device of choice. Apple could care less about being on Android with this radio service – it’s all about iOS7 and selling more iOS devices!!

    • Hmmm

      It will be multiplatform. iTunes Radio will obviously live within iTunes, which runs on iOS, Mac OS X and Windows.

      • hippydog

        Multiplatform As In: available on the most used platforms for playing music..
        Windows doesnt count, because if a person is sitting in front of the laptop/desktop there is a good chance they will not be using Itunes to listen to music..
        not having it on the Android and windows 8 mobile platform, means they are losing out on around 30% of the mobile phone market, and over 50% of the ‘Pad’ market..
        Its just my opinion, but I believe strongly this can hurt them with the “first time adopters”, and even stronger with the “second line adopters”
        Apple has beat the trends before, I just predict they wont win on this one..

    • antivisitor

      True. It requires using iTunes. With the current version that’s just about the worst music player available.

        • Me

          I wouldn’t call YouTube a Music industry success (yet). A social media success, definitely, but it has done little to help the actual music industry (although it has recently been making efforts to).

          • Visitor

            for free.
            and Google pays micropeanuts to ad partners

        • Casey

          The iTunes revenue is growing fast but it’s not because of the iTunes software. The software itself is declining. The only thing it is really good for is Apple devices, and practically every modern Apple device has access to the store built in. Granted they will keep the software functional for several years to come so people using legacy devices still have access, but I would look for the software to leave development soon. Apple has no reason to put money into a dying product. They have not even released an iTunes for Windows 8.

          • Guest

            This product is gonna bomb like there is no tomorrow. Fuggeddit!