Sony Is Now Offering Its Music Subscription Service for $3.50 a Month…

The question is whether a price war is good for anyone but music fans. Just this morning, Sony started offering their ‘Music Unlimited’ subscription service for $41.99 a year, which boils down to $3.50 a month.

The catch?  According to preliminary details shared with Digital Music News, you must be a PlayStation Plus subscriber to get this rate.  The Plus membership costs costs $50 a year (or, $4 a month).  But even if you aren’t Plus subscriber, Sony is low-balling the price to just $59.99 a year, or $5 a month.


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In other words, cheap, no matter how you walk in the door.  Which introduces the question: is this becoming a desperate attempt to capture consumers who increasingly don’t want to pay – at all?  Sony’s move slashes a low-balling, $7.50 introductory offer from Google Play Music All Access, and raises serious questions about where the price-grovelling will ultimately land.

Sony’s Music Unlimited has little awareness, at least compared to giants like Spotify and Deezer.  But this is a serious play: Unlimited has 20 million songs and a presence throughout North America, Europe and South America.  Meanwhile, Rhapsody’s all access price remains in the $15 monthly range.

And with that, here’s a sampling of pricing from various streaming services, from cheapest to most expensive.

YouTube: completely free (limited portability)

Grooveshark: completely free (limited portability)

Spotify: Free w/ ads; $4.99 a month for PC/laptop; $9.99 for all devices.

Deezer: Free w/ ads; $4.99/mo. for PC/laptop (no ads); $9.99 for all devices.

Sony Music Unlimited: $3.50 w/ PlayStation Plus, $5 a month otherwise.

Rdio: $4.99 web-only; $9.99 unlimited devices; $17.99 family play (two subscriptions).

Google Play Music All Access:$7.99 a month for All Access (introductory); offer reverts to $9.99 in July.

Muve Music: $50 one-time fee, bundled into broader, pre-paid mobile plan.

Rhapsody: $9.99 for one mobile device; $14.99 for three. (note: $9.17/$12.50 a month on an annualized basis).

Sirius XM Radio: $14.49 a month for web-based access; to $17.99 for complete, web+radio access.

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7 Responses

  1. Joe

    “…$41.99 a year, which boils down to $3.50 a year.”

    I think you mean $3.50 a month.

    • Tune Hunter

      What a desperation!

      All of the top brass at the labels must be sent to Cairo bazar for down to basics trainnig on how to sale goat cheese!

      Music is sexy but they made out of it total prostitution.

  2. Visitor

    Actually the price went up. It used to be $12 a year for PlayStation Plus users.

  3. Yves Villeneuve

    I bet Rhapsody’s model is profitable.