Watch: Brazilian Rapper Shot and Killed On Stage…

The 20-year old Brazilian rapper, MC Daleste, was shot and killed onstage during a recent performance (shown below).  Relatively unknown in the US (or elsewhere outside of Brazil), Daniel Pellegrine was part of the Sao Paulo “Ostentatious Funk” scene.

Details of potential suspects haven’t been released.  Viewer discretion advised…

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  1. Visitor

    This is horrific.
    You guys need to warn people if you are posting a video of someone getting murdered.

    • Common Sense

      What are you really expecting when the title of the article is “MC Dalest shot and killed”? F***ing Jolly Ranchers and Unicorns?

    • backwardJenkem

      The title does say
      “Shot and Killed On Stage…”
      what kind of warning do you want

    • Voice of Reason

      I don’t care how many warnings you put on this..this is BULLSHIT..Pull it off of here right now.. WTF is wrong with you????

    • Nah

      That was someones son and maybe a father. Out of order to publish this.

  2. Visitor

    What are you doing? Have some decency. How does a video of some poor kid being murdered have any relation to digital music news? This is totally exploitative. For shame.

    • Me

      It’s on YouTube. YouTube is a digital music service.

    • Common Sense

      A musician was shot and killed on stage while performing music. Ergo, it’s news about music. Hence: music news.

  3. Visitor

    A snuff film. Really? WTF. This is as low as you can get digital music news. Pathetic.

  4. eric

    search Pearly Whites / Radio Killerz “New Style” on utube if u wanna see a cool ass video!!!

  5. Sickened

    This video should not be posted here and should be pulled from YouTube for violating content rules.

  6. John Burke

    You have got to be out of your mind! This is what Digital Music News has come to? This is my first and last post on DMN. I thought the video was just of the artist and his brand of music. I was interested in Brazilian music. I was not interested in watching a snuff video! As a result of your tasteless posting of this murder, I am unsubscribing from your publication in protest. This has absolutlely to do with Digital Music. Shame on you!!!

    • Paul Resnikoff

      John, sorry but usually a video about “an artist and his brand of music” isn’t titled “this artist gets shot and killed”.
      I’m not even sure why Priscilla apologized, though that’s her choice. The video clearly states what you’re going to be watching. No one is Clockwork Orang’ing you to press play and proceed through the video.
      Try Billboard, they’re much better at sugar-coating stuff.

      • Visitor

        Paul. You’re seriously going to defend this post by bashing Billboard? I’d suggest you rebrand your site as ‘completely random sensationalism’. If you need clicks then just post some porn. It’s more honorable then a young man’s murder. You’ve lost your soul DMN. Pack it in.

    • GGG

      So you watched a video with horrible audio, to hear brazillian music, for a good full minute, with the title of the video clearly indicating what’s about to happen, and are upset?
      You have far greater issues that need tending to…

  7. anon

    You dumb fucks! The title says shot and killed. SHOT AND KILLED. You’re offended and outraged? You’re fucking idiots.

    • Common Sense

      I’m mad, because nobody misled me, the both the title I the article and the title of the YouTube video warned me EXACTLY of what I was about to view! I will find some way to blame the Repiblicans for this!

    • Visitor

      Anon – Excellent unnecessary and misplaced rage. I think people are annoyed because a website that purports to be about digital music is now hosting Too Hot For TV snuff films with only the very flimsiest link to music. Next week when they post Watch: Puppy (who listens to spotify) Run Over By Car, people will be equally annoyed without having to watch the video.

  8. Yrok

    Horrible stuff. There is just too much violence in Brazil these days. The other day I read an article about a football referee, who where beheaded by crazy spectators.

    • vidapreto1

      “Too much violence in Brasil these days????” Are u kidding? 12 people just got killed over ONE weekend in ONE US city (Chicago), the hottest TV shows in the US besides ingnorant reality shows are CSI and other cop shows with their graphic autopsies and crime scenes. The 6’o clock news in the US can’t go a day without dumping a load of depressing violent shit on its viewers. How many more sequels to SAW, Final Destination, and Zombie life do we need????
      The most violent country on the planet is right here in good ole U.S. of A. 14,000+ murders a year- Brasil, Venezuela and Nicaragua combined can’t top that consitantly year in and year out. And then you have the mighty military machine of the US at work around the world slaughtering thousands of innocent men women and children every year. And then you have the US scientific and pharmaceutical companies developing new drugs, viruses and diseases to addict, incapacitate and kill off certain populations around the world…
      This video is doing justice in showing the final performance of a brilliant artist. If our media wasn’t so WHITE-washed, we would have more of these hard lessons to learn so we can finally put an end to the hypocrasy and the madness.
      This young man’s death will not be in vain because there are those people out there, like myself, who find motivation in seeing LIFE for what it is. We will fight to end pain and suffering of the masses by putting some heat on the elite few who believe they own the world. We honor the fallen by striving for freedom and hope for the living. All it takes are more soldiers like Priscilla to share the truth when they find it.
      And for those who are offended, why don’t you go back to your game of Call of Duty or watching Housewives of Mayberry. The internet in our last hope for our freedoms of speech, press, expression and community. Stop complaining being offended when you chose to follow your morbid curiosity. Keep complaining and ‘they’ will next take away your facebook, twitter and will limit your emails to using only one syllable words.

      Rant completed…

  9. Innocent Bystander

    Does any body know why he was killed?
    He wasn’t very good…

    • anonymoose

      Are you suggesting this was a waste of perfecty good ammo?

  10. Tasteless

    A tasteless and exploitative post. I’m done with DMN. Hope it gets you lots of clicks.. crassholes.

  11. R.P.

    You are a total retard if you are complaining about a post that is CLEARLY titled: Watch: Brazilian Rapper Shot and Killed On Stage…
    It means that you DON’T read and you just skipped the post and pressed play on the video. Stop getting your panties in a bunch. NO ONE put a gun to your head and forced you to watch.
    DMN or any other outlet does not need half-assed audiences that can’t read and just want to watch videos. Go over to Worldstar from now on for that. They have nice pictures and videos.. smh.

  12. despicable you

    One can be offended without having watched the video. Without the video, it’s nothing but a local news story. The video makes it a fucking click magnet. The artist was “Relatively unknown in the US (or elsewhere outside of Brazil)”, yet it’s featured here why? Should we expect DMN to write a feature for every little-known musician that gets murdered now? Or only if there’s a video of it to entertain us? Disgusting.