Sirius XM Reaches New Milestone of 25 Million Subscribers…

Sirius XM Radio has now surpassed 25 million subscribers, gaining about 715,000 new subscribers over the second quarter.  The healthy growth curve continues to cement Sirius XM Radio as the largest subscription service in music.  On a broader level, Sirius is among the largest subscription services across all entertainment sectors.

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Sirius completely eclipses other music subscription plays.  Compared to other services like Spotify, Deezer, and Pandora, Sirius XM is easily the largest premium play (keeping in mind all 25 million subscribers are paying).

Spotify more recently reported 6 million paying subscribers, with an announcement of 7 million expected shortly.

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  1. Casey

    They don’t actually all pay. Trials have been included in the numbers for quite some time.