What It’s Really Like to Work In a Music Store

A series showcasing a peek into the life of a music store employee…

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  1. Older Guy - Top guitar player

    And then there’s the “look” I sometimes get, (I am 61 years old) that seems to say: “And here’s a geezer who wants to be all hip and look at the electric guitars. But I will humor him. These old guys usually have bucks to spend and I bet I can sell him some shit.”

    Of course, it is satisfying to plug in and rip off some difficult blues leads with a lot of expression and control, and watych them come drifting past the end of the amps aisle to see who is playing that.

    I also hate it at the grocery store when some young girl at the checkout asks me if I “need some help” with a 15-pound sack of groceries.

  2. Adam Smith

    That little short video is so unfortunately true…DEPENDING on who the company boss is. I’ve worked in just about every music store in Houston (not east Houston,…too damn far for whatever hoopty car i was driving at the time) throughout the span of my life, and only a few of them enforced a non-chaotic ambience. If kids were around proving they could play “ain’t talkin’ ’bout love” at volume 10 on a double-stack 100-watt marshall, they were banging nonsense on keyboards they would never understand, or putting dents in the heads on a nice expensive set of heads on a really expensive set of Ludwig or Sonar (or whatever) drums. We actually started putting them all on headphones unless they were serious, then we would have a few seperate rooms they could set up in and go through the product with a certified tech, even leaving them by themselves for up to an hour. If the boss can’t see that this chaos doesn’t bring money in, but chases good employees off, he/she deserves to lose that business.

    • Adam Smith

      I must say that I laughed for quite awhile after, remembering the crazy shit…