Universal Music’s Crowd-Funded “The Vinyl Project”

Universal Music‘s London-based Uvinyl recently announced the impending launch of “The Vinyl Project,” which is a crowd-funded re-pressing initiative to bring back rare and deleted records.

Their new website will allow fans to voice their interest in the re-release of particular LPs, but in a sort of pre-order-meets-Kickstarter, users will have to buy a copy if the proposal passes.

Universal has not yet released the official launch date for the project.

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4 Responses

  1. abeautifulnoise

    I love this idea.
    However, it’s not going to be a huge income generator for Universal and from what I know of Universal’s Senior Executives, if it don’t make a lot of money quickly, they’ll drop the idea like a hot potato.


  2. Visitor

    When Ninja Tunes do a crowdfunding operation to release Vinyls, it has some sense because their stocks were burnt during the london’s riots but Universal Music is extremely profitable (EBITA of 525 Millions in 2012) and it’s their job to releases records.

  3. ATMP

    Hmmm.. Uni wants the “crowd” to “fund” their “project(s)” – can we assume that if you contribute to the fund that you will not have to re-fund their revenue by buying the release? oh, ok. never mind

  4. Visitor

    Obviously, they’re going after hardcore collectors and could probably generate meaningful income if released in an ultra deluxe manner with lots of extras. Selling a few hundred or a thousand pieces at $20 a clip isn’t gonna ring many bells, but at $100 a pop with real added value, labels with large back catalogs could develop a new legitimate revenue stream. 30 Seconds To Mars recently sold out of 1000 deluxe sets at a $300 price point. Streaming and $1.29 downloads are fine for certain segments of your audience, but you’ll find real money among the few at the top tier and they’re easy to reach.