Apple Releases Logic Pro X

Apple just released Logic Pro X, the latest major update to its pro-grade digital audio workstation software since Logic Pro 9 in 2009.

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Just to name a few, one of the new features is Logic Remote, which allows users to hook their iPads to Logic Pro X as an additional mixing space. Additionally, a feature called Drummer provides a plethora of “professionally produced, realistic drum tracks” to match songs produced by musicians who don’t have a drummer on hand.

Further improvements include a redesigned interface, an expanded library of synthesizers, flex pitch (an auto-tune tool), and much more.

Logic Pro X is available for $199.99.


5 Responses

  1. Visitor

    Great to see it didn’t die with Jobs.
    But am I the only one who thinks it seems a bit half hearted?
    I mean; Autotune/Melodyne light, Logic remote… everybody has been doing that for years. And who’s going to use sequencer stock drums?
    So where are the news?
    Or is it just that Logic 9 was perfect already and sequencers can’t be developed any further?

  2. I Love Apple

    I bought it 50 minutes after the official release. I must say it’s a real bargain.

    The price?
    Its the same if you had version 9 and acquired an update. So there’s no reason to complain this is the upgrade.
    Plus ALL updates will be free as always… Just think $200 for a professional tool that you can update for free and use the next YEARS.
    Not to speak the revenue and knowledge you can generate with it in those YEARS.
    Look what they did with OSX. Mac OS $30? For christ sake they are changing things people. Don’t troll people open your mind.
    Yes I’m a student and I prefer to buy it than spend the money in one week in dance clubs.
    There’s no real competition with Apple. Period.

    Logic Pro X:
    – It’s a lot faster (even in my late 2008 laptop with 2GB ram).
    – Solid.
    – Stable.
    – New plugins.
    – New midi plugins.
    – New macro controls (to an entire folder for instance so you don’t have to change every plugin to change overall sound).
    – Track stacks.
    – Track summing.
    – Pitch control (like melodyne but not to poly stuff).
    – Amazing library, new 50 GB of fresh and contemporary top notch content (NEW content, not the previous “Jampack’s oldies stuff”)
    – No crap ilocks (see what happened with Protools 11 this last month after 1 hour they released the new version. LOOL).
    – No annoying authorisations.
    – Total organised after install and perfect integration with Mac OS system (plugins, folders, library, etc).
    – Beautiful.
    – Thousands, literally thousands of improvements with the workflow. Better workflow = better performance.
    – I could go on and on.
    – It’s Apple.

    My rate? 0/10 I give it 100.

    Think smart, think Apple! ; )

    • Visitor

      Good to hear. I didn’t mean to trash (the first comment was mine) a programme I haven’t tried.
      In fact, I envy you… I just can’t switch because I’m in a project I’ve been working on for a long time. I didn’t even have the courage to get the latest 9 update.
      The upside is that I have a perfect system. I love 9 to no end. Man, it’s almost a religion… 🙂

      • Paul Resnikoff

        It is a highly evolved version of the old emagic brainchild. Take a tour of it with at The were apparently given early copies to train with, because they put the tutorial to market the minute the program released. Exellent changes as far as I am concerned. The logic remote and drummer seemed a little silly, until I watched the trainers at macprovideo demonstrating and explaining it. I am sold on this release for sure! The routing in the remote is so fast and intuitive. The instruments have been upgraded and there are way more samples. Ok, they could have updated the esx 24, but I don’t really care. I would watch the tuorial on smart controls, it is very enlightening.