Beatles Broadway Musical Sues Rival Production for Copyright Infringement

The creators of Rain, a Beatles-themed musical that ran on Broadway for nine months between 2010 and 2011, are suing a rival production for copyright infringement.

Let It Be, another Beatles tribute band musical, is scheduled to open on Broadway next week, and is accused of outright copying several elements of Rain.

Rain’s creators claim that out of their 31-song score of Beatles hits, 28 of the same songs also appear in Let It Be, and that “the artwork used…during the performance of many of those songs are similar or identical.” In addition, Rain’s producers said that they had initially collaborated with Let It Be’s producers back in 2005 for a 50-50 partnership.

One of Let It Be’s lawyers commented, “How do you monopolize the ability to present an impersonation of the Beatles? How many different ways can you really do it?”

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  1. GGG

    Uhh…ask 1000 people to make a list of 31 Beatles hits, probably 90% of them will hav 28 of the same songs…

    People are dumb.