Texan Bar Fined $45,000 for ‘Pirated’ Karaoke Songs

Torrentfreak reported that a Texan bar at the Clarion Inn was fined $45,000 for hosting “pirated” karaoke songs, featuring Otis Redding, Willy Nelson, and Johnny Cash among many others.

This lawsuit was one of 81 total cases so far in 2013 dealing with pubs, restaurants, and bars that were sued for playing music without a proper license.

The bar was sued by BMI and several other rightsholders including Sony and Universal and claimed that they suffered “great and incalculable damage.”

Despite the Clarion Inn’s testimonies that these infringements were innocent and unintentional, the Texan District Court dismissed such statements because the bar had been warned about these violations and license agreements on multiple occasions.

Judgement for the plaintiff in the amount of $45,000 in statutory damages and $11,243.36 for attorney fees. Court adjourned.

3 Responses

  1. Visitor

    “a Texan bar at the Clarion Inn was fined $45,000 for hosting “pirated” karaoke songs”

    Why the quotation marks?

  2. Visitor

    If they didn’t ignore the warnings they wouldn’t be fined. But, there is always someone who thinks he is smarter than you. That’s why lawyers and courts exist…

    I wonder if Torrentfreak is run by someone from Halliburton.

  3. bigboy99

    Texan [ˈtɛksən]

    a native or inhabitant of Texas
    of or relating to Texas or its inhabitants
    Try Texas…