429-page Lawsuit Against ‘American Idol’ for Racism: Documents Included

Former contestants on American Idol sued the long-running singing competition reality show for alleged racial discrimination.

The lawsuit’s introduction is comprised of a 1978 Thurgood Marshall quote, delves into the ideals of our Founding Fathers, mentions Thomas Jefferson and John Locke, and dabbles on what is essentially the “American Dream.”

This Civil Rights action is based on the “use” of criminal background information of the contestants- that “a staggering thirty-one percent (31%) of every American Idol Semi-Finalist contestant [Top 24, Top 36-40] who happened to be a young Black male was disqualified from the singing competition for reasons wholly unrelated to their singing talent.”

The lawsuit lists several instances of discrimination other than the use of criminal background information, such as a seemingly white-exclusive privelege to choose whatever song preferred while black contestant were “pigeon-holed” into genre-appropriate songs.


Here are all 429 pages of Andrews Vs. Fremantle…


Andrews vs Fremantle

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