“Smart” Headphones Introduced by Muzik

Muzik has brought “socially connected smart headphones” into the market, set to launch later this year.

They come wireless, sport a sleek design, boast high-fidelity audio, and feature touch controls, which can be used to share tunes on various social media platforms.

CEO Jason Hardi of Muzik said in a statement, “Headphones will never agin just be for listening to music or talking on the phone – our headphones will improve the way we socially discover, share, listen [to] and experience music.”

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3 Responses

  1. danwriter

    Meatballs, cupcakes, food trucks, tacos, headphones… And so goes the crap du jour.

  2. Visitor

    All of those things you listed are desired by people, and I think these will be too. If people have purchased a billion dollars worth of dumb headphones, why would they not buy smart headphones.

    Stop hating and get real!