Grooveshark and EMI Publishing Settle Lawsuit

The Verge is now reporting that Grooveshark has finally settled a licensing agreement with EMI Music Publishing after a lawsuit for copyright violations filed back in September of 2012.

Grooveshark still has pending lawsuits against Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, and Sony Music Entertainment.

An official announcement is to be made in the next several days, according to the report.


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20 Responses

  1. Uncle Ron

    I say lock them up and throw away the key!!!
    (Just wanted to beat everyone else to the punch)

      • Uncle Ron

        Because there are empty jail cells and keys just waiting to be thrown away!

        (Also because it was an inevitability that the Yves of the world would comment something to that effect and I wanted to beat them to the punch).

        With that being said, good for Grooveshark and EMI Pub. (Insert commentary about hearing this before).

        Well played, Great Uncle. Well played, indeed.

        • Karen

          Ron.. I thought I told you to shut up. Didn’t I? Didn’t I tell you that?

  2. Spectator

    Good for them! GS’s dedicated staff are really nice folks and work hard. They can really use a break

  3. Yves Villeneuve

    Just a word of caution. Music by Yves Villeneuve is not licensed to Grooveshark. They have no right to host links to streams or downloads of my music. It’s clear their intent is to facilitate the illegal uploading of content. A lawsuit involving punitive damages would be likely if my rights are violated.

    • Visitor

      Not bad at all Yves. !/artist/Villeneuve/1435457
      Like the forst tune “Words are meaningless” That’s you all over.

      • Yves Villeneuve

        Clicked on the link but found nothing. Looks like the Grooveshark team are hard at work saving face in this comments section.

        • Visitor

          Here you go, jw.
          * Facebook Page Likes are severely under-reported.
          * Filled iTunes popularity bars unlikely except for the track “The Inner Self” in select countries, as to open the pathways of curiosity.
          * Ratings and reviews are unlikely to be published unless to generate reaction from those who disagree with them.
          If you can’t find a way to discredit these claims then you need to practice refining your creativity.

          • jw

            Face the music, Yves. Nobody cares.
            You’re free to make all the music you want, but this is not the place for you to air your conspiracy theories. It detracts from the real debates going on. Your Facebook likes aren’t underreported. Your iTunes popularity bars aren’t off. And your iTunes ratings & reviews aren’t censored.
            You aren’t some underground sensation who’s being held down by big technology companies. They don’t give any more of a shit than anyone else. And the fact that you’re soooo against piracy, but you continually suggest that these companies are supposedly properly removing your material from their services, & yet you still rail against them… the truth of the matter is that no one cares enough to pirate your music, Yves. That’s just the reality of the situation. Nobody cares.
            You can not find a single instance of anyone on the entire internet wanting to pirate your music.
            Promote yourself on Facebook all you want, blog on your website or whatever. Buy an ad in Times Square for all I care. But if I have to hear you complain about tech companies being at fault for your lack of popularity one more time, I may just quit the internet. No one’s searching for you on Spotify or Grooveshark, they don’t care that your music isn’t there. The companies themselves don’t care, & neither do the users. You’re not going to sue Grooveshark because no one cares enough to upload your music there.
            You don’t practice, you don’t play shows, you don’t have a band, you haven’t released anything in 5 years, & the stuff you did release all sounds the same. You’re not a professional musician or a professional songwriter. If you were, you’d be playing music or writing songs, not just posting on here all of the time.
            Not trying to be an asshole, but you really need a dose of reality.

          • Yves Villeneuve

            You’ve done nothing to disprove my claims yet so simple to do. It’s free and anonymous to add a rating or review. Why do you insist on avoiding the facts by regurgitating your lack courage to find simple evidence to discredit the facts?
            In response to your allegations, I said I was a professional(self-employed) songwriter/recording artist. I haven’t released since 2009 because a small catalog is easier to sell all at once ie easier to spend $20 at once than $30. Professional musicians do not write songs and record every day while you only assume without evidence I’m currently not engaged in songwriting or recording. The reason the songs sound the same to you is your ears are not refined enough to distinguish the different qualities of each song… The deficiency lies within you not my songs, I regretfully must inform you. Based on website data, 24% love, 24% like, 24% dislike and 24% hate my music. You are entitled to your personal tastes and opinions, the latter justified or not.
            So instead of making accusations without evidence (you’re entire comment is accusations without proof), give me a true dose of reality by disproving my claims, it’s free, anonymous and simple to do. You will quickly find, if you have not done so secretly and cannot admit it, it is you who needs a dose of reality. Either way, right now, you are proving to be gutless unfortunately… But I guess you are comfortable with this since you are anonymous and have little need to prove yourself… Maybe the truth is, you are in fact trying to be an asshole… I’ll let readers decide while I deem this conversation done.

    • Yves Villeneuve

      I did not make this comment. Someone likes to impersonate to make a joke. Tip: when you impersonate, change the name so it is obvious.
      – Yves

      • The REAL Yves

        If being afraid is a crime, we hang side by side.

      • GGG

        I’m not sure you know what impersonate means…
        (And no, it was not me.)

  4. StoryFirst

    The funniest thing is that I have bought more music since joing grooveshark. I have tried new genres and styles and gone off and bought albums… I understand the licensing arguments but I also believe Grooveshark and Live365 have their place. Without them, I certainly wouldn’t have bought half the tunes I have now…

  5. Musicxip

    We license to Grooveshark and they always pay on time, the reports in order….I believe it´s more a David vs Goliath battle going on here.