Two Guys Just Raised $30,000 on Kickstarter to Make “The Firefly Pick”

A Kickstarter campaign has generated some buzz among the music technology savvy. The Firefly Pick is an LED guitar pick that flashes light (in a color of your choice) at every flick against a string.

This flashy pick is the same height and width as that of a standard guitar pick, but a little over 3mm in thickness- similar to a 3mm Big Stubby pick.

“Firefly Pick – Light from Music” by Capacitron currently boasts 323 backers and has exceeded its $30,000 goal by about a thousand dollars.

3 Responses

  1. Bandit

    Awesome pick for playing in the dark and your audience is no more than 5 feet away

  2. stonybroke

    Mixed feelings: better that a lot of just plain folks fund a start-up than a big, greedy, “gimme 70%” bank or venture capitalist. These two inventors may state a nice motive [“I’d like to design something PEOPLE can use . . .”], but I imagine they plan to enjoy some profits. So the just plain folks should get SOMEthing, and the hope that a first-edition light-up pick may someday be worth a bundle is a pretty iffy “Thank You”.