Live Nation ‘Pushes’ Ticketmaster President Nathan Hubbard…

The abrupt exit, described as an unfriendly ‘push’ by the Wall Street Journal and an ‘ouster’ by the New York Times, comes just as Live Nation seemed to be turning things around (or, at least losing less money).  But the seeds of this seemed planted with the recent elevation of Jared Smith to President of Ticketmaster North America, who is now expected to assume the top global position.

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The bigger question is whether other heads will roll, though for right now, the drama seems limited to ticketing.  Live Nation has yet to offer any statement at all on the matter; Hubbard himself has not responded to an inquiry.  The Journal canvassed a range of possible issues, including head-butting with Live Nation CEO Michael Rapino, an uncomfortably public profile by Hubbard, or a desire to increase the technical expertise of the Ticketmaster chief.

Hubbard’s compensation was considered aggressive, though mere foodstamps compared to that of Rapino.  Hubbard’s compensation levels surpassed $4.1 million in 2011, though Rapino’s Sultan-esque paycheck is now approaching $30 million annually, with Brentwood compounds and all sorts of strange perks despite gaping Live Nation losses.  Since getting spun-off by Clear Channel back in 2005, Live Nation has hemorrhaged nearly $1 billion, with Rapino overseeing most of the frightening implosion.

An elevating stock could complement a handsome exit parachute for Hubbard, depending on the details.  So far, a few executives are cashing in on rising ‘LYV’ valuations, according to SEC transaction data, though Hubbard might be wise to hold his shares.

7 Responses

  1. WhatACoincidence

    “The CEO of Ticketmaster Calls for Musicians to Unionize Immediately.”

    “The abrupt exit, described as a unfriendly ‘push’ by the Wall Street Journal”

    The original Tweet was back in June, but it’s such a timely event, isn’t it?

  2. rastamouse

    Rapino has been a disaster at Live Nation, whereas Hubbard has the intellect and experience to do a good job running the company. Rapino just got rid of a potential replacement.

    • Euri

      Rapino is responsible for a loss of almost a billion dollars over the last few years. Someone should send him to jail! Nathan Hubbard was ten times smarter and a real gentleman.

  3. Ruby

    Rapino did the right thing AGAIN. Nathan is not a tech geek and that is exactly what is needed in this case. Sorry but you gotta go and a tech genius needs to enter the ring. Just watch and see.