Piracy Wins: Lady Gaga Rush-Releases ‘Applause’ One Week Early…

‘Crowd-sourced anti-piracy’ sounds great in theory and all. But if millions of Lady Gaga fans can’t plug a leak, who can? 

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The rush-release of ‘Applause,’ dubbed a ‘pop emergency,’ offers the admission of defeat.  After rallying fans to report, shame, and shut down a rash of pre-release leaks, the song has now been distributed by Lady Gaga to broadcast radio, iTunes, and YouTube (full list of outlets, here).

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August 12th, 2013: The Future of Anti-Piracy? Millions of Lady Gaga Fans Plug a Leak…

That is, nearly one full week prior to the scheduled release.  The song was originally slated for release on August 19th, though crappy, half-baked copies first started circulating as early at the 10th.

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Now, the question is what leaks next, and whether the largest artist in the world can control it.  Gaga’s full album, Artpop, isn’t slated for official release until November.

11 Responses

  1. Visitor

    “‘Crowd-sourced anti-piracy’ sounds great”

    And the idea behind it is even greater:
    Fans stood up against theft!

    We have never seen anything like it before. And it’s going to change everything.

  2. Visitor

    “I don’t know how he thinks you can just copy someone else’s stuff. It really bothers me.”

    Go ahead, Google fanboys. Tell Larry Ellison that he should make a living from selling t shirts with his company’s logo. Tell him that he should “adapt or die”. Do it in public, with your real name. I dare you.

    Too hot of a name to attack, eh?

    • Visitor

      Poor Larry Ellision, crying into his swimming pool of money

    • For Fucks Sake

      Wait, what?

      Larry Ellision? You mean the billionare playboy (and by billionare, I mean $45 billion dollars billionare)? You mean the same guy who has a fleet of planes (including fighter jets) in his private airport in the heart of Silicon Valley, which he flies illegally and racks up millions of dollars of fines from the FAA but doesn’t a rats ass cause he’s batshit crazy insanely rich? That Larry Ellision?

      This is the kind of person you are playing the victim card with now?

      The Fuck?

      • Yves Villeneuve

        Without the ability to become “batshit crazy insanely rich” a lot of progress, including technology progress, would not exist today. Impossible to eradicate poverty, as someone else will always have less or more wealth.

  3. Zac Shaw

    Fans fight back against theft by preventing other fans from listening to music? Huh?

    Oh, right, sharing songs ins’t theft.

    At worst it’s missing a single opportunity to charge a fan for access to a recording to gain the opportunity to make a fan for life, or keep a paying fan a paying fan.

    Post-scarcity, folks. Lower costs of production, marketing and distribution. The answer is not to accuse your own fans of theft, that’s been universally pathetic since the RIAA started doing it.

    I look forward to hearing the “theft” minority being drowned out by an internet full of new musicians creating new musical works that are freely shared so we don’t have another 100 years of Lady Gaga on repeat.

    • Visitor

      “Fans fight back against theft”

      They sure do!

      And that’s really a threat for old pirates such as yourself, eh? 🙂

  4. wallow-T

    Kids! Remember, Lada GaGa wants you not to listen to her music!!

    One wonders why Booz Allen and the US Government couldn’t have stopped Edward Snowden from leaking that new Greatest Hits collection.

    • Visitor

      “Lada GaGa wants you not to listen to her music”

      6,359,669 YouTube viewers (since yesterday) say you’re a liar:

  5. DirtySoapMusic

    My question is… Who leaked(s) the muisc in the first place? Crowd sourced anti-piracy is cool and all but, isn’t it like western medicine? Fix it after it is broke! Figuring out how/who is pre-releaseing(leaking) the music needs more attention!

  6. DUDE

    I still think she could’ve worked the leak to her advantage and built some huge hype for the album if she’d put out something worth getting excited about…