After 10 Straight Years of Decline, Music Sales Suddenly Increase In Germany…

Sales for the first half of 2013 are up a modest 1.5 percent in Germany, according to trade group BVMI, the first time that’s happened in 10 years.  

That follows similar stories from markets like Sweden and Norway, but downloads — not streaming — are driving the improvements.


Paid downloads are up 5.3 percent on the year, and now account for nearly 20 percent of all recorded music sales in Germany.  Another major part of the picture comes from CDs, which simply didn’t decline as drastically as previous years (falling just 2.7 percent).  Vinyl also improved, and now accounts for 1.8 percent of sales.

Streaming remains a small sliver of the action, though BVMI sees a greater contribution ahead from platforms like Spotify.


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  1. GGG

    Spotify launched in Germany in March 2012, no? And sales are up?

    Looking forward to some DMN commenter excuses for this one.

    • Martin

      Youtube is blocked in Germany? Has it always been, or this is recent? I know torch music is a music application that uses the youtube library and should be accessible everywhere…just an idea. ( )

      • Visitor

        “Youtube is blocked in Germany?”

        No — but many music videos are, because Google won’t pay 1 euro cent per play.

  2. FarePlay

    GGG, be great to see streaming services drive pre-recorded music sales.

    • GGG

      It would be, though even I don’t really see that happening too much. At this point, I probably won’t ever argue that any substantial amount of streaming leads to sales. Leads to fans? Yes, but not hard sales. I’ve bought music after streaming, so people definitely do it, but I doubt that sort of turnover happens a lot. Even for me it’s been maybe 4 albums out of countless I’ve streamed.

      To me, it’s about which type of consumer listens to music on streaming services more; a potential sale or a non-potential sale. In my opinion, there are far more people who will listen to a song/album/artist because they can, for free/cheap, legally, then there are people who now stream but would have bought a record if streaming didn’t exist. I know there are people on here that will argue anyone is a potential sale, but look at the past decade with piracy/youtube growth. Not to mention the amount of music consumers is by no means close to the entire population of any country/the world. People want to consume music, but don’t/can’t afford as much as they want, for whatever reason. Now there’s a legal alternative.

      And obviously, the financial ratio of a sale to a stream is very lopsided. And that’s the figure to look at. Does that 100-1 ratio even out? I will gladly admit it doesn’t if there was data backing that up. But at this point, every article seems to point to the direction this one does; or at worst that there is no real evidence to support the opposite.


    Directly related to the decline in viewership of reality television. Anyone remember Slatko ‘The Brain’ and his hit single.

  4. tune Hunter

    “Meanwhile, annual HICP inflation (based on the harmonized index of consumer prices) rose to 1.9% in June (May: 1.6% year-on-year). Annual average HICP inflation remained unchanged at May’s 1.9%.

    The Bundesbank expects inflation to average 1.6% in 2013….”

    SO THEY ARE SHRINKING .1%! No reason for excitement.

    Guys the music industry is a very sick bird!

    We can grow 50% a year with Disocovery Moment Monetization.

    JUST STOP FREE SHAZAM, SOUNDHOUND AND LIMIT RADIO DISPALY. RIAA and labels lets knock on the doors and put music back behind the walls. E-books are doing good! – but you cannot catch them in the car or in the bar. Lets rebuild the walls in the store and start count the cash!

  5. MIke

    DMN forgot to tell one thing. The market share of stream doubled to 4,6%, So a growth 100%.

    • Visitor

      My previous message had some spelling mistakes.

      DMN forgot to tell something: The growth of streaming in Germany.

      Streaming doubled it’s market share to 4,6% (Digital and physical included). A growth of 105%.

      According to Bundesverband Musikindustrie streaming has the biggest growth potential of the market.

      The full report in German:

      • Tune Hunter

        105% growth WoW!

        …but the market is shrinking for 11th year! .1% or .4% depends if you look to Bundesbank or actual inflation data.

        Time to execute new ideas or change the executors!

  6. Yokohama

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