Atom Factory and Capitol Music Group Launch Record Label

Troy Carter‘s artist management company Atom Factory Entertainment is teaming with Capitol Music Group to launch a new label called Atom Factory Music.

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Carter describes the label as a “very independent hybrid model” that will specialize in club acts and develop small communities around the artists.

Bands Basic Vacation and The Ceremonies are the first two to sign with the label. Carter is the manager for well-known artists such as Lady Gaga and John Legend.

3 Responses

  1. rico

    Congrats to Troy and team, It’s interesting why Interscope chose to pass on a label deal with Troy.

  2. Basically

    Carter = Lady Gaga.

    Without her, you’ve never heard of this manager.

    (and who passed on Lady Gaga?)

    • Duh

      What fan is checking liner notes for managers anyway. “Ohhh…he’s managed by jack jerkoff…” Don’t think so dude. The artist is what fans are checking for.