Maker Studios Nearing Purchase of Video Distribution Network Blip…

Maker Studios, the high-profile MCN and home to online video stars and content, is in the process of acquiring video distribution network Blip.  An early internet video pioneer ultimately eclipsed by YouTube, Blip later established itself as a tech platform to distribute videos to multiple platforms and partners, including YouTube, Verizon, and devices like Roku.

Although Maker operates through YouTube and probably isn’t planning on switching over to another destination site such as Blip, the deal gives Maker another place to distribute beyond YouTube.

Maker is also hoping to benefit from technology that isn’t provided by YouTube. With Blip, Maker could distribute content to more places and devices, such as game consoles, streaming boxes, connected TVs, and more smartphones/tablets.

One Response

  1. Jenn

    I think this is the first in a movement we will see for MCN’s to start claiming ground outside of YouTube and building alternative solutions. The next 18 months will be interesting.