Whopping $100,000,000 Lawsuit Against T-Pain, DJ Khaled, Rick Ross…

In the latest lawsuit concerning copyright infringement, Jazz musician Paul Batiste, founder of the Batiste Brothers Band, is suing a group of 39 defendants.  T-Pain, DJ Khaled, Rick Ross, and Ace Hood are among the accused of blatant copyright infringement of “every song in Plaintiff’s catalog.”

The 118-page civil action introduces Batiste as having “enjoyed immense success and recognition, both individually and through his work with the Batiste Brothers Band” since 1976 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Most of Batiste’s music is not widely available in digital format.

A collaborative effort in part by the all the defendants on the songs “Freeze,” “All I Do Is Win,” “Booty Wurk,” and “Low” are among over 70 tracks accused of using identical or “strikingly similar” parts of original Batiste works. According to the lawsuit, “defendants have blatantly poached beats, lyrics, melodies, and chords from Plaintiff’s songs.”

In one of many examples, the plaintiff accuses DJ Khaled’s “All I Do Is Win” to have infringed upon 6 of Batiste copyrights, such as those of “Louisiana,” “Move That Body,” and “Still (Sing the Blues).”

This might be the biggest face-palm in copyright infringement accusation history. In order for Batiste to have recognized and nitpicked “similarities” between his music and those of T-Pain, DJ Khaled, Rick Ross, and Ace Hood, Batiste must have spent numerous hours repeatedly listening to songs like “Booty Wurk” and “Shawty Get Loose.”


6 Responses

  1. Visitor

    I’m all for copyright protection, but this guy’s going to be counter-sued like it’s going out of style.

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  2. hippydog

    I didnt read all 118 pages, 😉

    but the parts I looked at , most of them referenced “chords” being “strikingly similar”..

    I would be a little shocked if this even makes it to court..

    I wondering if his lawyer is just hoping that a few artists will “pay something” rather then go thru the pain of court and having to lawyer up..

    i gotta say.. I really hope someone countersues and nails this idiot to a wall.

    • Visitor

      “most of them referenced “chords” being “strikingly similar””

      Heaven knows it’s silly enough as it is, let’s not make it worse.

      I didn’t see any mention of “chords” alone. That would’ve killed it right away for sure. What I did see was “chords and beats” an awful lot of times.

      Ridiculous, yes, definitely — but not that ridiculous.

      • hippydog

        Quote “I didn’t see any mention of “chords” alone.”

        Page 69..

        one of the songs that he lists the only similarity he mentions is the chords..

        As you mentioned, they are not ALL like that. but there is enough that a judge SHOULD be allowed to throw the whole thing out..

        “which are nearly identical or similar to Plaintiff’s song “Can’t Get You Off My Mind .” Upon information and belief, Defendants wrongfully copied, among other parts of the song, the chords of Plaintiff’s song.”