Apple: Judge Rules “Flexibility to Innovate” and Limits Injunction to E-Books

U.S. District Judge Denise Cote said that she will limit the focus of her ruling to e-books, allowing Apple “to have the flexibility to innovate.”

This past June, Apple and five book publishers were found guilty of conspiring to limit competition and raising e-book prices. The government then wanted the ruling to impact Apple to include not just e-books but music, movies, and other digital content.

But despite a broader, proposed remedy that Apple be “prohibited from entering into agreements with suppliers of e-books, music, movies, televisions shows… that are likely to increase the prices at which Apple’s competitor retailers may sell that content,” Apple’s business practices will mostly resume as usual.

2 Responses

  1. MusicSynk - Sync Rights, Organ

    Good to see that Apple is not being denied its right to innovate.

    Competition is what keeps innovation alive!