I Just Found My Music On a Sketchy Russian Website. What Should I Do?

So what happens when you can’t even send a DMCA letter?  Here’s a letter from Salim Ghazi Saeedi, an independent (and recognized) Iranian guitarist and composer who’s trying to figure out how to remove his music from the sketchy Russian website myfreemp3.eu.  He’s looking for advice on what to do.


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    • Visitor

      here’s step by step instructions… have fun…

      How to DMCA : Google Web Search, De-Listing Infringing Links

  1. Koda Ax

    Depending on where you are in your career this could be good or bad. It seems Salim’s most viewed video of original music on Youtube has a little over 3,000 hits. I’m not sure if he is trying to establish a fanbase in Russia, but if it’s all free then isn’t that free promotion for your product? Why not? Your music would never even enter that market if it wasn’t for this website. If their facebook has 14K followers why not use that to your advantage? Potential sales you say? Don’t be so old school my friend. Post your Youtube video on their wall. Put an iTunes link in your Youtube video and see what happends. If you have other merch maybe you can post a link to that as well.
    At this point in Salim’s career it would a good move to get his music out there to as many people as possible. No one know’s who you are yet. Until you establish a stronger following people are going to want to hear your music for free.

    • Visitor

      Hey you, “internet guru”, go back to your hackrrz buddies at TorrentFreak.
      This piracy website is usind .eu, so it is under EU registrar laws. And it is using a host in Lithuania, not Russia.

      • Visitor

        “Hey you, “internet guru”, go back to your hackrrz buddies at TorrentFreak.”
        Yup, good suggestion.

    • Salim

      Hey Koda Ax,
      Thanks for comments! First: Posting a link on a fb page won’t cause any noticeable publicity unless you are that page’s admin. Because it will be categorized as “Posts by others” that will not appear in subscriber’s feeds. (Of course fb “communities” are better this way) Second: My music genre is a niche. i.e. Avant-Prog and Rock in Opposition… Followers to these genres are already a minority (even among famous bands). So I don’t think that making my music public would make any difference…

      • mdti

        hi there.
        May be you are right,
        but may be the fact that it is a “niche” will make you more noticeable, if by “niche” you mean a small community.

        • Manager

          Don’t you think Salim, as the creator of his work, have the choice as to whether or not his music is available for free?

    • mdti

      not that bad of an advice.
      I purchased Snoop Lion CD after a few weeks of listening the same album on youtube. I wanted to hear it with the right sound and support the artist in his new venture.
      so in a way, the “pirate” or “indelicate” youtube poster generated at least 1 sale of the physical product.
      It opened my eyes on the process of purchase, eventhough it is understood that I care about sound (not the majority of people) and about the artists support and future (not the majority neither).
      it “can” be good, because for an unknown artist, it can create followers/fans/purchasers.

  2. here is where you need to look

    IP address
    Host name
    myfreemp3.eu is from Lithuania
    DNS servers
    myfreemp3.eu Is hosted by UAB Interneto vizija:
    Whois for myfreemp3.eu is not valid and so it violates the rules of the Registry.
    .eu domains are managed by EURid.
    EURid is the European Registry of Internet Domain Names and it manages the .eu top-level Internet domain under contract to the European Commission:
    Contact both UAB and EURid and inform them about the situation. I will be very surprised if EURid doesn’t respond in 24 hours…
    Don’t forget to come back and update with what they told you. It is good for everyone to know how hosting companies and registrars handle this kind of situations. We are customers too, you know. We don’t want to be affiliated with companies that make money from mafia groups and look away when someone points the facts to them.