Sorry, But the Following YouTube Video Has Been Blocked by AdRev Publishing, EMI, CD Baby, Time S.p.A., Warner Chappell, Sony ATV Publishing, UMPG Publishing, EMI Music Publishing and The Harry Fox Agency, Inc. (HFA)…


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  1. Surprised at CDBaby

    So it shows that all these companies are committing fraud and are illegally claiming content that is in the PUBLIC DOMAIN.

    Hmmm.. big surprise!

    • Visitor

      All this mean is that one of those companies blocked the video in your territory (USA) and it was probably the big label(s)

  2. David

    There is probably more to this than meets the eye.

    Who is Paul Atreides? Google the name, and you will find there is a character of that name in science fiction. The ‘Paul Atreides’ on YouTube is no doubt a pseudonym.

    The ‘Paul Atreides’ channel on YT has 240 videos, many of which seem to be live concert video footage, probably ripped from TV or DVD recordings. But there are also a considerable number of ‘full album’ uploads, where the ‘video’ consists of just a picture of the album cover. Very ‘transformative’! The Buddy Rich album is one of these (incidentally, for me in the UK it is not blocked.) It contains about 20 tracks, some of them performances of songs like Norwegian Wood which are still clearly within copyright.


    (a) this a blatant copyright infringement. Ads are placed against it, so someone is making money from it.

    (b) there may well be a large number of rights holders entitled to send a takedown request.

    (c) I don’t know whether ‘Paul Atreides’ himself is making any money from his channel, but he is clearly an enthusiastic and large scale copyright infringer. Which raises the question how has he managed to get up to 240 videos on his YT channel without getting booted off?

  3. JTV

    Nice one Paul!

    Interesting profile:

    This guy is uploading videos from live shows…etc just as an excuse for inserting promotional links (in the text next to the video screenshot) to en e-commerce store…

    Re: the number of claims

    Not surprised at all, sending claims on unclaimed or someone else’s content is a kind of “national sport” in some labels or music companies!

    JTV Digital

  4. Ashley

    As an employee of the Harry Fox Agency, I can say it is not our intention to takedown any video from YouTube, and we rarely ever do. We simply “claim” these videos as a service to our affiliated publishers which enables them to make money on the songs they own the rights to. The “claim” will place ads on the video which in turn generates royalties for the copyright holder(s).

    • JTV

      Thanks for the insight.

      Sure the removal should not come from you since from an artist / writer / publisher point of view, it would be ridiculous to block a content since he’d be missing revenue.

      Only a record label could have done this because of territorial rights issues related to the release.

      • Manny Chien

        Yes, missing all that YouTube revenue…let’s see must be $0.00000 per stream. Oh, wait, I rounded up to zero…

  5. Visitor

    What’s the point of this post?

    As far as I can tell, this channel’s a piece of garbage that posts nothing but other people’s property. No small wonder one of their videos would get blocked.

    And with a legacy artist like Buddy Rich, it’s not surprising in the least that the master and publishing rights would by now have been spread out between a number of different labels and collection agencies, especially given the nature of the music industry in the 60s.

    Seriously, this just smaks of sensationalist filler content.

  6. Mario

    It make no sense at all! There is no reason for they to do that, this countries aren’t even consuming bandwidth, it’s youtube for god sake! When will the big corporates understanding how things work nowadays?


    Mario | CMO @ Jogos do Mario

  7. Jabsco

    The way that YouTube’s algorithm does composition assets, this isn’t confusing at all.

  8. pipeorgancds

    I have this service trying to claim they own the copyright to a hymn written in the early 19th century. How is this possible? They keep reclaiming videos I am posting on youtube. I just got dinged for posting the music of Johann Sebastian Bach which I recorded myself. This there a logical way of dealing with these folks?

    They are claiming ownership of Bach!