SoundHound Releases New Feature for a Deeper Music Discovery Experience

Shazam competitor SoundHound has launched a new feature for its mobile app called The DNA of Music Project that allows users to go deeper with music discovery.

Using WhoSampled‘s database of information on sample-based music, cover songs, and remixes, SoundHound gives users the option to see tracks that had been used in the song.

This feature is only available on Android devices in the US as of now.



One Response

  1. Tune Hunter

    Brilliant new feature allowing for full satisfaction of freeloaders and deeper penetration of rape victim: the music industry!

    Soundhound should be sobject to law suit for abuse of “fair use doctrine”.

    Then as a part of settelment should be converted to mandatory purchase music store. Billion dollar business in 24 months!

    Soundhound has 200 if not 300 million users and never been noticed by labels as current pirate catalizer or future savior.

    Lets do Spoofy and Veevoo!