The Rebirth of TastemakerX

Music discovery app TastemakerX has now launched its new version 2.0, which has been happily announced and described as a “relaunch” and “new direction” for the startup.

The biggest change is a feature called Collections, which was described as a virtual way for music fans to express their ardent interests in particular artists on every social media and music platform available.  Think Instagram, Songkick, YouTube, SoundCloud, and Twitter, unified into one layer.

With this change, TastemakerX hopes to create the next wave of music discovery, in which passion is key, fun is crucial, and simplicity is a given: with this, the company calls itself “a fan powered game for music discovery.”


3 Responses

    • Zac Shaw

      Great comment! Really adds to the discussion.

      I loved the old TastemakerX but there weren’t enough incentives to drive me to continue returning.

      On first glance it seems like they pivoted into a minefield. Who needs another “personalized shareable radio station” when you’ve got Grooveshark and And band info aggregation… that market is saturated beyond recognition.

      I’ll give it a shot because the original was so inventive. The UX is certainly a step up from the tweed amp skin.

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