Spanish Piracy Regulation Will Affect Only Owners of Websites

The Spanish government has now approved an amendment to copyright law, part of an attempt to keep off the US ‘Special 301’ target list.

Now, only owners of websites that link to pirated content can face up to six years in prison. Those who attempt to make “direct or indirect profit,” for example by advertising or subscription fees, by providing illegally obtained material by third parties will face the penal code.

Individual users of these websites will not face any repercussions under the new regulation.

One Response

  1. Sequenz_

    I think this is a bad move. When you take away one “distributor”, you’re only causing demand to spike, because there’s one less person offering what people want.

    Therefore, it will make more sense for website owners to keep risking their butts, since they’ll be getting more traffic which means more ad revenue. Another possibility is that it might create a surge in illegal websites, because it’ll be more profitable, therefore, more people will be willing to risk it.

    Personally, I believe that attacking the advertisers is a better strategy. If no one advertises, websites will be unsustainable.