Think Piracy Is Dead? Here’s One Week of Google DMCA Takedowns…

Streaming killed piracy, right?  Well, here’s a list of every site listing removed by Google last week — that is, for just one week, and just for the people that actually submitted DMCA takedown notices.

[note: this is a lot of data, please be patient while the page loads…]


12 Responses

  1. Visitor

    Always fun to see the dinosaurs around here freaking out about piracy. Too bad you’re extinct.

    • Tune Hunter

      I would rebute but we are in dark choked by those pirate links.

  2. Casey

    Is it really doing any good? URLs and domain names are so easy to change. Seems like a losing battle.

    • DirtySoapMusic

      There have been many battles that looked like a losing cause, only to be won throw perseverance. The battle is only lost when you quit fighting!

  3. Tune Hunter

    Still, even if you kill all of them any freeloader can do free Shazam trip from radio to free YouTube.

    The only way to starve piracy is to remove song ID info at the time of discovery. New iTunes radio can also have inteligent limitations forcing listener to cash seperation.
    Without this information they have no clue what they listen to and there is no nesesity to go to any torrent site including The Tube. It is so simple!

    Lets kill or inteligently reduce amount of info on radio displays and convert Shazam, Soundhound, Gracenote and lyric ID guys to the best ever music retailers.(They do not need to continue in starvation mode with over billion users)

    Time for Discovery Moment Monetization – get cash the minute they love it – 39 cents streamer or buyer or you will stay cluless on what you listen to.

    • mdti

      “they have no clue what they’re listening to….”
      seems like a very useful and progressive project you have.
      Discovery has always been free and should remain so.
      Otherwise, people will prefer to have discovery+download at the same time, ie, another step in piracy, even more rooted in everyday habits.

    • DirtySoapMusic

      A “buy” button on Shazzam? Sounds good to me. Then all we have to do is get the labels and PRO’s to starting paying better.

  4. GGG

    Can we get some data on these sites’ traffic? I’m willing to bet more than half of these get about 10 visits a months combined.

  5. Chris

    The fact that Google can receive over 300,000 complaints about infringing copyright on one website and not de-list it entirely shows you what a set of crooks they are.The sooner we make ISP’s accountable for what they allow on their websites the better. Child Porn was almost removed overnight when Govt’s around the world told ISPs they were accountable for the content – it’s about time music theft was treated the same way.I recon if you ran the same numbers this week – ALL the same webistes would still be there – how can Google etc. hide behind the DMCA safe harbour and still claim they are fighting piracy?

    • Tune Hunter

      Google can do what they wish – they are the best friend/partner of Uncle Sam! The do what is good for them.
      You will not find a contingent fee lawyer in United States that will take a case against Google.
      … and as brilliant and productive Adwords is Google can kill you overnight. Minor noncompliance with rulles and they will close $20,000 a month account.
      They do not need cash and they do not care to listen to you or your attorney explanation and appology.
      Multimillion dollar busnesses went under.