Deezer and EQuala’s Global Takeover

Deezer announced a partnership with social radio platform EQuala, the first social radio station that allows users to personalize a music stream that is based on the songs that are listened by friends or those with similar music interests.

This collaboration will expand EQuala’s music library and global userbase, all while catering to Deezer’s 10 million users’ social music experience in over 180 countries.


5 Responses

      • Yves Villeneuve

        Alot of people will try anything once but don’t see much traction in this product. I don’t think music nerds, the average Deezer consumer profile, will spend much time with this.

  1. JT

    This is far from new and it does not work. For one, households commonly share social media accounts. So any data (music or otherwise) would render results compiled from several users whose individual preferences are likely to vary significantly. So despite scanning the music preferences of a trusted “friend,” the recommendations may ultimately be derived from an amalgamation of the friend as well as his wife, his teenage daughter, or an elderly parent.

    Moreover, I, for one, have very diverse tastes. What I listen to in the morning, with my children, at work, at the gym, or during dinner are all very, very different. A playlist derived from me will yield meaningless and unsatisfacory results.

    Swing and a miss.

    • Deez

      Netflix figured out the “many users – one account” problem a while ago and added profiles – they could have automatically set profiles but didn’t want to creep their users out. It isn’t hard to determine a distinct user within a household once a baseline of that user has been determined.

      It seems to me that Deezer keeps making smart moves to remain a healthy player in a fragmented music streaming market. Spotify, and to a lesser extent Rdio, got a bit overextended and now have some catching up to do in that regard.