EDM Meets Wall Street: ‘SFXE’ Expects to Raise $200 Million+ on NASDAQ…

Wall Street does coke. EDM does X. So what happens when you mix the two?


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According to just-filed paperwork from SFX Entertainment, an initial public offering (IPO) on NASDAQ is projected to raise more than $200 million, with shares of nearly 17 million ‘SFXE’ initially landing in the $11 to $13 range.

In terms of broader, diluted valuation, SFXE would land in the low billions.

SFX Entertainment, the creation of Robert F.X. Sillerman, includes a potent amalgamation of EDM properties.  That includes Disco Donnie Presents, Beatport, Electric Zoo, Stereosonic, Life In Color, and ID&T, among other scooped-up entities.  That juggernaut is now being presented to investors against a backdrop of surging of popularity around electronica.

UBS Investment Bank, Jeffereies and Deutsche Bank will be joint bookrunners on the IPO.


4 Responses

  1. Jason Miles

    When events like this happen it means the music has peaked and is not hip in the eyes of the audience anymore JMHO

  2. Beat Freak

    Now we will see more arena rave parties. Legal drugs…coming soon.

  3. Visitor

    Paul Resnikoff, the owner of this blog, is heavy investor in a non-drug narcotics startup in CA, delivering COKE-like highs from a computer terminal with nothing injected, snorted or smoked.

  4. thedenmaster

    EDM will finally be able to break thru the Clear Channel Radio barrier.This may finally regulate classic rock to a format rather than a blanke of stations in markets.Today’s youth are demanding new entertainment and these guys are bringing it.Kudos to great success and a bigger footprint for new artists.